The 4 Biggest Benefits of HR Outsourcing – Number 3 May Surprise You

Posted April 21, 2014 by Layne Davlin
benefits of hr outsourcing atlanta

How does HR outsourcing improve staff productivity?

There comes a point when HR outsourcing provides your company with the boost it needs to take business to the next level. Consider the four biggest benefits of moving common human resource tasks online. With time freed up for more important things, employees feel better about their roles, they have the time they need to do their jobs well and you aren’t wasting money on needless employee hours.

1. Save Time.

Successful business isn’t just about working smarter to save effort, but also to save time. Online HR services have advanced tools capable of providing shortcuts for common, non-essential tasks, or for automating complex jobs normally requiring a great deal of time and effort. One big way they benefit your HR team is allowing all your staff to check things like remaining vacation hours and sick days on their own from the convenience of their computer or smart phones.

Your human resource department handles everything from accident claims to vacation requests. Reserve your high-paid talent for those jobs where their skills are really needed. Work with an Einstein account representative to design the right HR outsourcing package.

2. Improve Employee Satisfaction.

People are happiest when they’re putting their skills to use, and when they feel like they’re making a difference. When you outsource your lower-level HR tasks, you free your staffers up for the important jobs they feel proudest about.

Every job has frustrating elements. If you can clear a few of those jobs off your staff’s plate, they’ll have less frustration and be able to focus more time on engaging tasks. Your HR team will appreciate their jobs more, and ultimately, you’ll experience a lower turnover rate.

3. Streamline Staff Productivity.

Employees who feel good perform well. According to Gallup’s Well-Being Index, unhappy workers cost employers roughly $300 billion a year. What makes all the difference? Raises and other incentives separate from the work experience don’t fuel productivity as much as making headway in meaningful ways.

HR outsourcing provides the support you need to reduce staff stress and provide plenty of opportunities to work on tasks that count. You can even use a specialized HR team to assess your current needs, pinpointing the areas where you need more expert attention and those you can trust to an offsite provider.

4. Save Money.

If these practical benefits weren’t important enough, there’s a common sense reason businesses should consider moving common tasks out-of-house. Workers dedicated to human resources often have access to the industry’s top resources and education. They can provide quality services in record time, saving you the expense of paying a highly-trained worker for all the hours involved in taking care of those responsibilities.

Secondarily, however, you save money in all areas. Increased productivity cuts costs and raises profits, higher employee satisfaction reduces waste due to turnover and focusing your HR staff on essential tasks means you enjoy more value for every dollar you spend. Take advantage of the benefits today.

Ask Einstein professional how HR outsourcing can help your business.