The Top 3 Ways to Utilize Risk Reduction Services

Posted September 23, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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How can risk reduction services best serve your business?

Companies invest in risk reduction services largely for financial benefits, but it’s also a good way to prevent workers from being injured on the job. The right PEO can help you create an efficient plan to keep people healthy and safe at work. Consider outsourcing the following health and wellness tasks to specialists to get the most benefits.

  1. Schedule an OSHA Inspection Evaluation

Over 40 years ago, the United States passed an act protecting workers on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 made employers responsible for providing safe working conditions to their employees. As part of the law, industry guidelines were created to decrease the likelihood of accidents. Trained inspectors were given the job of inspecting workspaces to ensure they meet the criteria.

PEOs like Einstein HR have OSHA-certified inspectors on-staff. They can do a walkthrough of your business in order to give you detailed advice on what needs to be changed before a real OSHA inspection takes place. These mock inspections can also be helpful after doing renovations, before changing your insurance policy and whenever you make other major changes to your facilities.

  1. Analyze Your Employee Policies

In addition to conducting a walkthrough of your property, Einstein HR’s safety experts can go over your concerns, and assess how well your training materials meet the specific safety needs of your industry. For instance, in construction there are four main workplace killers: falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught between two or more structures.

Do you know all of the most common health risks associated with your business? Are you sure, or just assuming? Trends in the American workforce show an increase in the development of chronic work-related illnesses, like depression. This is the kind of information an OSHA specialist will know and be able to fully advise you on.

Following the analysis, you should receive a comprehensive report detailing your specific risks. While the recommendations included are helpful in terms of dealing with OSHA or receiving a potential discount on insurance, the focus is on providing a healthier, safer workplace for your employees.

  1. Create a Safety Awareness Program

Many businesses have one employee handbook they use for distributing all their important employee information, including their safety guide. Unfortunately, health and safety can be buried in the back of the book and limited to just a few pages. Consider your own safety instructions. If one of your employees suffered a catastrophic accident today, would a court feel you had done everything possible to prevent injuries?

Einstein HR has the experience needed to create a comprehensive safety guide. This stand-alone manual can thoroughly explain the policies and procedures to keep your employees safe and healthy in every situation. Additionally, it provides legal protection for you if someone is hurt on the job.

For four decades, the US government has held employers responsible for health problems and injuries their employers suffer on the job. This is why you have to carry unemployment insurance, and why you have to let OSHA through the front (and back) door when they come knocking. It’s also why you should invest in ways to prevent employee injury and illness.

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