Data Security and HR Among Top Concerns of CEOs

Posted February 7, 2016 by Mary McGinley

The concerns of CEO’s are many. However, in a recent interview conducted by Sienna College Research Institute for the Business Council of New York State, the top concerns included data security and human resource concerns.

The survey polled over 500 CEOs in upstate New York between the months of October and December 2015.

Of those surveyed, between 70% and 75% cited data security as being a major concern. When asked to name the single greatest risk to their organizations, 24% of the CEOs surveyed indicated that it was the issue of data security.

Nearly half of those that were interviewed said that they had added software and installed other measures to help reduce the number of risks to data security in the workplace. Nearly 71% of respondents said that they have instituted trainings for employees that are mandatory to help protect them from potential risks to important data.

Because of a number of high-profile data breaches in the past year, companies have been far more cautious and are much more vigilant about what specific information is included in their data systems and how that information is safeguarded against potential data breaches.

Another chief concern to CEO’s is that of human resources. The number of companies in the Albany, New York area that said this was a risk was at 2% in 2012. This figure has now jumped to 13%.

Companies are deeply concerned about potential illness or death of key employees and being able to fill that position after such an unfortunate turn of events. If a key person is lost for a lengthy period of time that can potentially have an adverse effect on that business.

Because current unemployment rates are now at their lowest rate in nearly eight years, issues surrounding recruitment and retention have been given closer scrutiny. Some companies are now adding incentives and career ladders for employees in order to attract and retain them.

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