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New Hire Services

New Hire Services

Welcome new employees in a professional manner with the help of EinsteinHR’s new hire services, including new hire information kits, employee handbooks, and benefit orientation programs.

New Hire HR Employee Kits

EinsteinHR provides a standard kit of new hire information, including all the necessary documents and forms. We can also assemble custom kits that include other key documents, such as your company’s drug policy, employee handbook, safety policy and insurance paperwork.

Employee Handbooks

HR Employee Handbooks & HR Outsourcing Decisions

Need to communicate policies and information to a large group of employees? An employee handbook is an effective way to distribute information. EinsteinHR can provide you with a standard all-industry handbook, or we can customize one for your company’s specific needs.

Benefit Program Orientation

HR Outsourcing Benefit Program

Increased participation in benefits equals decreased turnover of employment. It’s to your advantage to ensure that employees understand the benefits you offer, and that the instructions, contacts and options are clear.

EinsteinHR’s benefit program orientation can provide employees with the following information:

  • Benefits available
  • Waiting periods
  • Deduction amounts
  • Open enrollment periods
  • Availability of online and other resources

HR New Hire Reporting

Employers must report information on newly hired employees to a designated state agency soon after the employee’s date of hire. EinsteinHR can handle this reporting for you. Our experts ensure that each New Hire report contains the six data elements found on the W-4 form, place them in the format that is required by that specific state, and submit on time.

States match new hire reports against their child support records to locate parents, establish a child support order, or enforce an existing order. The state then transmits its new hire reports to the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH). State agencies operating employment security and workers’ compensation programs may use state new hire information to detect and prevent erroneous benefit payments. They can also conduct matches between the new hire database and other state programs to prevent unlawful or erroneous public assistance payments.

EinsteinHR offers nationwide HR new hire outsourcing services, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s HR new hire outsourcing services, contact an EinsteinHR HR new hire outsourcing service specialist at 770-962-1700.

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