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Ongoing Employment Support

Ongoing Employment Support

Outsource Human Resource Services

Some days, it might feel like you are in the business of employing people – that’s how much work the items and issues that are associated with ongoing employment can be. Whether it is responding to an employee request, an employee issue or a request for information from a mortgage company or a government agency, EinsteinHR will be there to assist you. We can:

Employee References & Income Verifications

Outsource Human Resource Employee References & Income Verifications

When hiring, checking public records is an important part of protecting yourself. In fact, you are required by law to take reasonable care and keep file documentation. EinsteinHR can verify income and check prospective employee references. We ensure that you have the information you need to make good hiring decisions. And, we can undertake periodic evaluations after you hire an applicant to help assure continuity and discover irregularities.

The result? You’ll have a better work force, with lower turnover, better quality applicants and lower rates of internal theft.

Child Support & Wage Garnishments

Out Sourcing HR Payroll Child Support & Wage Garnishments

EinsteinHR takes the confusion out of setting up and paying child support, garnishments and levies and voluntary wage assignments. We handle the details, including:

  • Child support and spousal maintenance enforced debt collection Under Federal & State Laws, courts may issue a wage assignment order to an agency to collect an employee’s past due child support or spousal maintenance obligations
  • Garnishments and levies All employers are required by law to accept garnishments against the wages of employees in satisfaction of legal judgments.
  • Voluntary wage assignments A voluntary wage assignment is a written transfer by an employee to a third party (assignee) of the employee’s right to receive wages earned in the future. Ordinarily, wage assignments are only for a part of the employee’s wages.

Additional HR Support Services

Access our database of over 400 up-to-date HR forms, including:
Absence policies
Absence slip
Applicant information release
Applicant rejection
Application for employment
Application for job opening
Auto expense allowance
Blank job description
Conditional job offer
Consent for drug/alcohol testing
Disciplinary action form
Disciplinary notice
Driving record check
Drug test policy
Drug testing consent form
Educational record check
Effective interviewing questions
Electronic funds transfer authorization
E-mail policy
Employee development worksheet
Employment offer letter
Evaluation of supervision
Grievance forms
Initial notification of COBRA rights
Invention agreement
Model statement of ERISA rights
Non-compete agreement
Non-disclosure agreement
Performance appraisal
Performance evaluation
Privacy policy
Probationary period report
Profit-sharing plan
Sexual harassment policy
Simplified employee pensions
Simplified employment agreements
Smoking policy
Time sheets
Warning notices

EinsteinHR offers nationwide outsourcing employment services, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s ongoing HR outsourcing employment support, contact an EinsteinHR ongoing HR outsourcing employment support specialist at 770-962-1700.

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