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Health & Safety Programs

Health & Safety Programs

EinsteinHR has trained and certified safety experts who can help you design an injury and illness prevention program. This commitment to safety can result in fewer injuries, increased productivity and reduced workers compensation insurance costs.

We can help with the following.

  • Complete safety manual customized to your business and industry
  • Audit of your “safety situation”
  • Audit of current safety policies and procedures.
  • Tape library to provide your employees with safety videos
  • On-site safety checklist audit with professional suggestions.

Call today and talk to one of our safety experts at 770-962-1700.

EinsteinHR offers nationwide health & safety programs, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s health & safety programs, contact an EinsteinHR health & safety service specialist at 770-962-1700.

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