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What is an ASO?
An ASO provides administrative services as they relate to an employer’s responsibilities regarding its employees.
EinsteinHR offers nationwide Administrative Services Organization (ASO) to businesses across the United States. ASO services can best be described as a truly outsourced Payroll and HR department for your business that utilizes your company’s tax id numbers unlike with the PEO service which utilizes the EinsteinHR tax Id numbers in most cases. We manage it all for you; HR Solutions, Payroll Services, Forms, Risk and Safety, Compliance, Pension Administration, Benefit Auditing and Payment Remittance, Workers’ Compensation Reporting, Payment and audits. Not to mention complete union reporting and Davis Bacon Certified Payrolls.

ASO’s handle:

  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Employee benefits management
  • All aspects of human resources

Why outsource?
Outsourcing to an ASO provides a variety of benefits, from cost savings to access to specialized expertise on taxes, payroll, HR, workers’ compensation and more. Outsourcing can enable you to focus on your business and free up your time and resources. We do what we do best. You do what you do best. It’s partnership at its finest.

Does ASO mean Co-Employment?
ASO services process and revolve around your business’s tax id numbers. There is no co-employment when using our ASO services.

EinsteinHR offers nationwide Administrative Services Organization (ASO), get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s Administrative Services Organization (ASO), contact an EinsteinHR Administrative Services Organization (ASO) specialist at 770-962-1700.

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