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Workers Compensation Services

Workers Compensation Services

Today, every employer must provide workers compensation insurance. EinsteinHR recognizes that you want to ensure your employee’s safety while managing your risks and keeping costs at a reasonable level. So, we work with several workers compensation insurance carriers to offer solutions for you.

Depending on your situation, benefits of using EinsteinHR for your workers compensation needs might include obtaining workers compensation insurance with no deposit, and eliminating annual audits and payroll estimates. When EinsteinHR handles your payroll, you simply pay as you go – easing your cash flow. And since EinsteinHR policy premiums are paid in full each pay period, you’ll never again be confronted with an unexpected premium payment at the end of a policy term.

EinsteinHR offers nationwide PEO workers compensation benefit services, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s PEO workers compensation benefit services, contact an EinsteinHR PEO workers compensation benefit service specialist at 770-962-1700.

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