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Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance


EinsteinHR offers the latest
in time and attendance tracking solutions comprising of scalable
and innovative software.

Our time and attendance management software system solutions add
to your company’s improved productivity, accuracy, and reliability in timekeeping and payroll administration processes.

  • NETtime™ Web Based Time Clock
  • Time and Attendance Software
  • Data Collection
    • Badge Terminals
    • Biometric Units – Biometric Time Clocks & Biometric Time and Attendance
    • Web-Enabled – Web Based Employee Time Clock Software
    • Software Based – Employee Time Clock Software
    • Telephony – Phone Based Time and Attendance / Timekeeping solutions
    • TASC Stand-Alone Time & Attendance System

EinsteinHR’s web-based time and attendance management systems help your business to reduce the amount of time needed to prepare time sheets & attendance records for payroll through automated time collection & calculation. Trim down labor cost through better workforce management, minimizes errors, and help enhance your strategic decision making for the organization with real time information accessibility.

Our time & attendance tracking software systems offer robust and flexible so they integrate seamlessly into most environments while delivering the functionality to support the complex time management and tracking requirements of your organization.

With our company’s seamless time & attendance software solutions, your organization can reap the benefits of accurate and timely employee management, increase productivity and efficiency while drastically lowering costs.

EinsteinHR offers nationwide web based time attendance software system solutions, get a quote.
For more information on EinsteinHR’s web based time attendance software system solutions, contact an EinsteinHR web based time attendance software system specialist at 770-962-1700 (emc2).

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