Top 4 Advantages of Online Human Resources

Posted December 4, 2014 by Layne Davlin
advantages of online human resources

How do the advantages of online human resources tap into the power of disruptive technology?

The advantages of online human resources aren’t limited to savings or convenience. They’ve entirely changed the way we handle HR, leading to the most effective decision-making and employees who feel more satisfied in their jobs. All of these benefits fuel employee happiness, increased productivity and the overall success of a business.  Take a look at the following ways online HR will benefit you:

1.  Employee self-services

One of the biggest advantages to moving your HR tasks online is the number of jobs which employees can begin to manage on their own. From checking their vacation time to changing their addresses, workers can manage these changes without having to put a call in to your human resource team. This allows your higher paid specialists to focus on important tasks that use their training.

2.  Increased mobility

Through many online HR hubs, employees are able to clock in on-site or through mobile applications. They’re able to track their work orders, turn in assignments or double-check procedures on the go. Ultimately this leads to more accurate reporting, less waste, easier to manage invoices and fewer work hours. People who are able to check in versus log hours at the end of each shift, seamlessly meshing these tasks, won’t be weighed down by busy work at the end of their work days.

3.  Datification

When human resource issues—payroll, benefits, workman’s compensation and the like—take up so much of the company budget, businesses aren’t analyzing this information to use for potential savings. You can use data to increase productivity and improve hiring practices and even leadership programs within a company simply by tracking the characteristics of the best workers you already have in place.

The place of Big Data in business is especially significant now that companies are noting differences between successful hires and ones that bail after two to three months, and again a few years down the pipeline. We’re noting how unreliable instinct is as a hiring tool and realizing that collecting massive amounts of information and comparing them across company channels does adequately predict many things, and the results of those comparisons have often surprised the people in charge.

Consider, for instance, some businesses have found that—given their customer and employee bases—hiring workers with more education is less effective in the long-run. Others have found tying social media into training has peaked attention during sessions.

4.  Gamification and real-time rewards

With the social aspects of certain online HR programs, employee and coworker assessments can be completed as tasks are happening, allowing systems to provide immediate feedback, including rewarding those who stand out. These systems can be used to increase employee appreciation, improve management or provide essential support for workers who are struggling to understand key concepts in operations.

The advantages of online human resources run the gamut from an increase in your employer appeal to bigger profits at the end of each year. Perhaps the biggest benefit is knowing you can customize your approach to provide as many or as few services online as you need.

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