LGBT Workers Still Quitting Over Workplace Bullying

Posted October 26, 2017 by Mary McGinley

According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder and Harris Poll, of the LGBT workers surveyed, 41% indicated that they were bullied enough on the job that it made them quit.  

In a report written by Valerie Bolden-Barret on the HRDive Website, the survey was conducted with a total of 3,215 private sector employees, 238 of these workers listed themselves as LGBT. In the survey, 56% of workers indicated that they had been bullied repeatedly and 72% did not report such bullying incidents to HR.

Workers gave several examples of bullying by either coworkers or supervisors which included experiencing different sets of standards from other workers, d being falsely accused of making mistakes, being the subject of workplace gossip or picked on because of race, gender, appearance and other criticism.

Differences in Treatment by Coworkers

Those participants in the survey who identified as LGBT indicated that there was a considerable gap in bullying they received at the hands of older workers and that which was received by older employees. Discrimination by younger coworkers was far less common at 14% and discrimination while 61% of workers experiencing bullying and discrimination was at the hands of older coworkers.  Bolden- Barrett suggests that both leaders and HR departments of organizations can better target areas where diversity training and other diversity policies can be best implemented.

The Harris Poll also concluded that most Americans believe that anti-discrimination policies are a birthright and side with LGBT rights, Organizations that want to avoid potential litigation for discrimination should make at least some effort to encourage workers to report discriminatory and bullying in the workplace. Even though political and social climates have shifted and it is still unclear whether or not Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is applicable to and protects LGBT workers, employers are well advised to stop harassment or face potential liability no matter which party is in the political majority in Washington at the time.

Protecting diversity in the workforce is a worthwhile goal for every company. Workplace diversity is important on many levels. Workers should never have to fear bullying or discrimination on the job because of their race, sex, ethnicity, sexual preference or any other factor. Everyone wants to be evaluated on the skills that they bring to the job and their capabilities. At EinsteinHR, we understand that human resources can be complicated at times. That is why we can help you not only find the right person for the right job for your small and medium-sized company, we can help you in all areas of human resource management. Contact us today at 888-981-3622 (emc2) to find out more.