Do You Use HR Services Outsourcing? 5 Reasons It’s Time You Do

Posted February 9, 2015 by Layne Davlin
HR services outsourcing

When do you need HR services outsourcing?

HR services outsourcing has proven to cut costs and save time for busy businesses, but when do you know for certain that hiring out will pay off? If you wait too long to get help, you could wind up paying for it. The five following signs make investing in professional HR services a safe bet.

Be sure to call a trusted provider if any of the following begin to happen in your company:

1.  You see marked growth.

Feeling busier is not the same as being busier. Feeling more confident isn’t the same as becoming more successful either. You need to judge your growth based on cold, hard facts. For instance, a measurable increase in your profits or in your customer base certainly point to growth, as do the completion of several business goals.

2.  The problem of progress is that it comes with more records to keep. At a certain point, the paperwork will overwhelm your staff. They’ll need help keeping records up-to-date. They’ll also need someone capable of filing the appropriate reports at the right times. You could pay for training or bring on another staffer, but it’s usually cheaper—and more effective—to hire certain jobs out to specialists.

3.  You’re struggling to stay on top of paperwork. If you’re already overloaded with paperwork, there’s no time to waste. When 2015 rolled in, so did important changes in the way reports are filed. You don’t want to risk missing a deadline. Thankfully, you can hire outside help with as much or as little as you need handled. HR services outsourcing has really become a convenience business owners can’t do without. Whether you need time to hire an extra worker or you need extra support to push through a busy period, a trusted HR pro can be brought in part-time to help you get your papers in order.

4.  You have challenges attracting top talent. Today’s best workers are expecting excellence. They want robust benefits, a progressive company culture and modern HR systems. They also have the options to pass on jobs with companies lacking in these areas. A-team talent will be able to make a big difference to your bottom line, so it makes sense to go the extra mile in attracting them.The right PEO can give you access to better benefit plans at lower prices and better company software programs. By hiring out just a few of your HR services, you can improve your employer brand and attract a new caliber of workers. The services will literally pay for themselves.

5.  You’re worried over regulations. In 2014, Barclay’s financial institution was fined $77 million in just one day for improperly processing trades. Honda was fined $70 million for improperly reporting accidents. Regulations are on the rise, and you’d better be working with a pro who knows them inside and out, or your business could be next on the chopping block.

Get an advantage over your competition today. Talk to a pro about the HR services outsourcing solutions that will help your business. Bring your questions to the Einstein HR team, and get answers you can count on.