HR Ourtsourcing Can Help Save Time With Employee Assessments

Posted April 16, 2014 by Layne Davlin
Atlanta Employee Assessments

How HR Outsourcing Results in the Best Hires

Hiring and firing is easier once HR outsourcing services get involved. Too many companies hiring are still playing by rules established during the 80s and 90s. HR companies realize the road to successful hires is lined in effective employee assessments, and they have up-to-date tools and training to make those assessments pop. Instead of wasting time trying to decipher who will be the best for your company, let a PEO like Einstein streamline your way to successful hires.

Pre-Determining the Best Possible Candidates

The power of technology has finally been tapped to help hiring managers uncover the traits needed to do a job well. Employee records can be mined for data, and the education, achievements and practices of the top performers in a role can be compared to available candidates. Those wanting a job can be matched to those already competing well.

Rely on companies with the tools and experience to process those initial applications quickly and effectively. Reserve your personal assessments to pre-qualified candidates. Once the list has been whittled down, you can spend time figuring out who really is best suited to work with your company.

Avoiding Hiring Bias

This gives your company a major advantage over managers who simply hire who they think has the most impressive credentials or a winning personality. Personal bias complicates the hiring process greatly. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all make assumptions as to the level of education or years of experience a job requires without seeing it backed up by factual data.

What these new pre-selection screenings show us is how wrong some of those assumptions can be. A company may find their team is best served, for instance, by a manager with a bachelor’s versus a master’s, or that fresh graduates have more success in a particular position than someone with several years of experience. Part of this is based on a computer’s ability to analyze what really happens in a situation instead of what “should” happen.

Fortunately, when you use HR outsourcing to help with potential employee assessment, you can streamline your own success. The tools they have available can analyze a stack of resumes in no time and deliver the candidates with the highest chances for success. Feel free to talk with an Einstein account representative to learn more about the process and to discuss the experiences of other clients.

Get Back to Your Essential Tasks

You likely weren’t hired for your ability to shuffle through resumes or compare backgrounds, but for the natural abilities you have in managing teams or projects. HR outsourcing gives you the ability to stick to what you know best. Your ability to seek cost effective assistance will give you a leg up on the competition who’s money and time is drained by an endless flow of busy tasks. Assessing potential employees is important, but given the number of applications received for just one good position, it can also require a huge chunk of time for the pay-off. Maximize your worth by working with a PEO on employment services.

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