7 Useful HR Outsourcing Tips for Small Business

Posted August 11, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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What HR outsourcing tips would you share?

You don’t have to leave anything up to chance when you outsource certain HR tasks; arm yourself with the best HR outsourcing tips in the business. Sending some of your work out-of-house often makes sense in terms of convenience and budget. It helps keep the peace around the office and frees your other employees’ time for more important tasks. Unfortunately, there are times when working with people outside your company gets tricky. To avoid those sticky situations, remember these seven secrets:

Give Detailed Instructions

Outsourcing work saves you time and effort when you give detailed instructions the first time around. You may assume that all professionals run reports the same way because of how your staff operates, but chances are they were all trained by the same person. Resist the urge to expect outsourced workers to know how you want tasks done.

If you can, provide an example along with your explanations, and then ask your worker to summarize what you’ve said and repeat it back to you or make a mock copy. This will ensure that you are both on the same page on a project before work begins.

Set Specific Deadlines

Many times, a business owner will use phrases like, “in a few days,” or “a week or so.” This is frustrating for outsourcing teams because they feel as though they need to rush in order to avoid disappointing their client. Instead, write up a formal contract and specify the date a project is due.

Don’t be afraid to give your team reasonable deadlines. If you’re both leaving it up to the other to set terms, it will pave the way for chaos. At the same time, listen to your team’s time concerns. They are the experts and if they believe your expectations aren’t realistic, there’s probably a reason for their resistance.

Name Your Price

Sometimes outsourcing companies have established fees. When they don’t, the cost of a project should be set by the person requesting help. You can offer a ballpark figure if you’re afraid of offending someone or turning them off. Leave room for negotiation, but give them a good idea of how much you’re willing and/or able to pay early on in the process.

Review References and Interview

Before you hire any work out, you’ll want to see some proof they’re experienced, and hopefully, provide high quality performance. Asking for references is more than acceptable, as is giving an impromptu interview.

Get it in Writing

Once you’ve evened out your terms, formalize a contract. Not only does this reinforce the plans you’ve laid out in earlier correspondence, this step adds a sense of professionalism helpful in keeping teams on track. In addition, writing up a contract allows you to create a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, and other legal protections you may feel the job warrants.

Establish Progress and Payment Schedules

You don’t have to check in with your team every day, and you don’t have to pay daily either. Just make sure to create a reasonable plan for staying in touch. If you talk with your workers throughout a project, you leave more than enough time to make corrections before they seriously cut into your plans or budget.

Provide Your Team With a Recommendation

If your outsourcing experience goes well, consider writing a letter of recommendation for your team. Not only will it secure a relationship for the next time you need help, but it’s a little known tip for powerful networking. People who see your name will associate you, and your business, with authority and success.

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