Not Hearing Back From Interviewers Raises Ire

Posted July 15, 2016 by Mary McGinley

A common complaint among job candidates today is not because of a rigorous interview or background check. The biggest complaint among applicants, according to a recent study from Future Workplace and Career Arc, is because after an interview, they simply never hear back.

Up to 60 percent of applicants in the study said that they rated their experience as poor and would share their experiences on social media sites.  What that means for potential employers is that many who might have been a great fit for a job simply won’t apply because the company lacked the common courtesy to even send a note thanking them for their time and the interview, even if they didn’t land the job.

An unthinkable 65 percent of job seekers in the Future Workplace survey said they never or rarely receive notice from employers when they submit applications.  The online job site CareerBuilder also found the same level of response.  According to a recent study conducted by the firm, many job seekers feel that the company that they took the time to prepare an application and even in some cases gone to an interview with, will give nothing back in return.  Job applicants, like customers, need feedback and if they feel ignored, they will get an overall bad impression about that company.

Recruiters are well aware that with some jobs there will be hundreds who apply. Sending a personal thank you note to each person who applied is not possible.  Some companies have a system in place that  will at least acknowledge candidates applications and can give applicants an idea as to whether a position has been filled or where they stand in the hiring process.

One solution is sending an automated email thanking an applicant for filling out an application and letting them know that they are not a good fit but to please stay in touch. Even though most workers will be able to spot a form letter and it can feel disappointing, at least it’s better than receiving nothing at all. Even that small gesture is enough to give a more positive response to the experience by job candidates.

Extending courtesy to job applicants is not just good manners, it’s good for a company’s image.  According to Robin Richards, CEO of CareerArc. “When you treat candidates well they become net promoters of the brand.” That’s marketing-speak for ‘measuring the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships.’ When you consider how many people apply for a given job, building loyalty through something as simple as a thank you email can be a powerful marketing tool, he said.

The recruiting process can seem like an overwhelming task not only for workers but for companies trying to fill positions with the right job candidate.   It’s important to  make your workers feel valued both personally and professionally.  When a company takes the time to make even the smallest effort in that arena, it protects your company’s brand and its reputation.

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