Resumes in 2018

Posted December 29, 2017 by Mary McGinley

It can be a challenge to know how to create a resume that will put you ahead of the competition. According to a recent article appearing on the CNBC website,  it’s a good idea for those stepping out into the job market in 2018 to do a little bit of homework first.

One of the best ways to for workers to be a standout in the job market is to research the company that they want to work for in advance. Be sure to look at the careers or open positions section on their website, for example.  Job descriptions posted there can give applicants clues. Also, press releases can help applicants find out what workers already with the company are doing which reflect the organization’s core values.

Another excellent way to learn more about what the top employers like Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft and their HR executives are looking for is to do a little research on them as well.

Innovation and Risk Taking

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has said in several interviews that Facebook applicants should show that they are willing to take risks and to experiment. Facebook’s Vice President of people, Lori Goler suggests that those applying to work for the social media giant show that they are continuously adding to their skillset and educating themselves.  Being able to show innovation and learning and be able to show this on their resume is definitely something that a job seeker should be showcasing. Applicants who want to score a job at the social media giant should focus on any examples where they’ve tested out a new idea or innovative technique previously.

Microsoft’s global talent acquisition team lead Chuck Edward indicated in the CNBC interview top on the list of what Microsoft looks for in new hires are those who, ”embrace the future” as well as those who can point out any leadership roles they may have had in the past.  Being able to show areas in which they progressed, learned and achieved their goals is highly desirable.

One key consideration in today’s marketplace is the shortage of workers technical professions. Joanna Daly, IBM’s Vice President of Talent says that her company is now hiring according to skillset rather than credentials in order to fill open positions. “About 15 percent of the people we hire in the U.S. don’t have four-year degrees,” she said.

Daly further suggests that applicants should add any continuing education such as vocational training and certifications to their resume. These let hiring managers know where their skills lie. Because technological advances are going at a blistering pace, staying up to date on in-demand skills that drive innovation is important.

Keeping the Customer First

A company like didn’t get where they are without making customers their priority. According to Amazon’s director of university recruiting, Miriam Park, it’s this kind of customer-driven ideology that has been the cornerstone of what Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has built over the past 25 years.

For those looking to work for Amazon, the best applicants are ones who are customer-centric.  It is a good idea to highlight any positions held in the past where they dealt with customers and whenever they actually made things better for the customer by going “above and beyond.”  

It’s Not Just What You Know

Those workers who can demonstrate a level of passion and enthusiasm and who are able to get things done quickly and efficiently are sometimes ahead of others who have just as much in terms of technical skills that they bring to the job. These are the kind of soft skills that Brendan Browne, LinkedIn’s head of global talent is looking for.

Again, those applicants who learn as much as possible about the company they want to work for is important. Find out about their core values and culture and recent developments in their respective market. This can make an applicant stand out when it comes time for an interview or when writing a cover letter. Tailoring it and the resume to show how their achievements and matching it up as much as possible to what a company is looking for can help raise their potential for success.

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