Facebook’s Method of Performance Reviews

Posted February 18, 2016 by Mary McGinley
Facebook logo

For social media giant, Facebook, their approach to performance reviews is a little different. The tech company conducts reviews of employees every six months from not only the manager that a worker directly reports to, but also from their coworkers and colleagues.

According to VP of People at Facebook, Lori Goler, because the business moves very quickly, and the social media landscape and Facebook’s product changes so quickly, waiting a year between reviews is counterproductive.

The company makes use of an internal proprietary software package that allows the estimated 12,000 employees around the world work together cohesively. Managers are taught that keeping up to date on the progress of the various project teams at Facebook through the software is preferable to micromanaging people. This allows the managers and colleagues to give real-time feedback and can assist those that may be having difficulty before it becomes a problem.

Facebook employees are also able to give each other feedback using the same software package in order to say “thank you,” All of this feedback is then gathered and can be used at the biannual review. Managers can ask an employee’s coworkers for feedback – usually between three and five individuals. This information is also used at the formal review process. Conversely, employees are able give feedback on their manager’s performance as well.

Facebook staff members are also asked to evaluate their own performance. This approach is used being used with great success such as Facebook in order to work together and empower each other within the workplace.

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