How to Put Your Best Benefits Foot Forward

Posted April 12, 2017 by Mary McGinley

HR managers know that when they’re recruiting, letting new staff candidates know about the benefits of working for their company is important. Not to highlight those benefits can mean all the difference on whether a potential new-hire accepts the offer of working for that organization or not.

The key to making sure that top talent actually sees the best benefits that are being offered, when your brand isn’t already strong, is to make them aware of the best perks and the real potential to get into a position that they can get behind.

A recent article that appeared in Forbes Magazine Online lists ways that HR professionals can make their company brand stand out from the competition when looking to recruit top talent.

  • Outline all of the Benefits – Michelle Gonzalez-Pitek of The Unity Council suggests putting together a guide, such as a booklet complete with job descriptions as well as company marketing materials. She also suggests making sure to mention the company benefits packages since she once forgot to do so! “We pay for employees to take training classes and sometimes offer tuition reimbursement; we even offer them time at work or cut down their schedule to allow them to study for classes,“ she said.  A benefit like this is especially important where the competition is keen and workers constantly need to update their skills.  

    Gonzalez-Pitek also pointed out that her company wants new workers to have an easy transition. Offering services such as roommate finding, or an overview of available housing in the area can prove to be invaluable to those that they are looking to get on board.
  • Company Culture is King – It’s the people within a company that will either build up or tear down a company’s culture and its overall reputation. Company values that are centered on the people within the organization as well as their skills – both hard and soft skills – can make all of the difference. Your workers have an impact on that culture. Having them help in finding and recruiting others by offering incentives and benefits can get the word out there among their peers that your company is an ideal place to work.

Focusing on the uniqueness of company culture, brand and benefits can also be reflected in social media. Most companies already have a company web page. Why not come up with a unique hashtag that highlights your company brand?  If your workers are happy and even proud of their company and the culture in which they work, it can be an ideal recruiting tool that even the most highly trained HR professionals would be hard-pressed to emulate.

For more ideas on how to make your company’s culture work for your organization, be sure to check out the entire article.

Your company’s culture speaks volumes to the talent you want to hire even before they walk through your door. That is why HR professionals do everything possible in order to focus on the positive benefits of the companies they represent to potential recruits. Of course, not every small to medium sized business knows how to do this. That is why consulting with a company that specializes in human resources and highlighting what you have to offer can be your best course of action.

At EinsteinHR, we offer ways for you to recruit and train the right people.  We can also give you ideas on how you can review and retain your top talent.

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