Looking into Big Data Vendors for HR

Posted October 15, 2016 by Mary McGinley

Like most aspects of business, big data is taking over many functions within the corporate work arena. Even the functions traditionally performed by HR departments are being addressed through algorithms and analysis. Using big data in the area of human resource management doesn’t come without risks, however.  In order to avoid running afoul of discrimination and employment laws, HR departments need to proceed with caution when using big data.

Most of this information is used by marketing and management staff to predict how consumers will relate to products and services. This information affects pricing, production and marketing decisions. Some companies, however, have realized that such information can also be used in the realm of human resources to help them choose the best candidate will fill a job. Even with such algorithmic data, it’s possible to make a bad decision in human resource matters.  HR professionals know that this affects the bottom line and have the potential for lawsuits to arise.

In a recent article by SHRM, one of the ways for employers and HR professionals to avoid having to face the risk of potential discrimination charges that were obtained from information provided by big data is to do your homework. If you currently employ or are thinking about obtaining the services of a human resource management firm, make sure to monitor the outcomes among employees and applicants, for example. Even if an algorithm is performed elsewhere, tailor an algorithm that meets the needs of your business and the specific skills and performance that is required.

Utilizing this information can be highly technical and often is beyond the training of most in-house HR professionals.  For this, having an expert to explain it to you is extremely helpful. Having a professional organizational psychologist or data scientist to help you assess the information is very helpful. They will most likely be able to explain what it is you are buying with a big data service in language that is easy to understand.

Big data definitely has its advantages, but it isn’t the only way or necessarily the best way to address your company’s HR needs. At EinsteinHR, we can help you use big data to your advantage in a way that is unique to your company and your staff.  We stand behind what we do.  Whether you are trying to fill a current position or make the most of your current talent pool, we offer a wide range to hire, attract, train and to retain talent for your company.

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