Is Your Plan in Place? 5 Ways HR Consulting Services Can Help You Create the Best Health and Safety for Your Company

Posted March 17, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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Know Your Risks with Help from HR Consulting Services

Your health and safety risks can be managed expertly by working with the right HR consulting services. Don’t make the mistake of pushing this task off on someone who won’t take it seriously or won’t have the time to do a thorough job. The money you invest now can repay you thousands of times over by preventing the kinds of accidents that close companies down.

Let us help you by providing the following:

1. Perform on-site safety audits.

Several companies have skipped this step and jumped straight into the book learning process, but what you don’t know can seriously hurt you, your employees and your business. You don’t want an accident – or an inspector – pointing out a problem we could have detected with a simple walkthrough. Invest in an on-site inspection to get the full benefit of Einstein’s safety and health consultations.

We’ll go throughout each location and point out the hazards in place. In addition, we’ll give you the solutions you need to manage them both practically – in order to prevent any accidents or injuries – and in the ways you’ll need to avoid fines.

2. Assess policies and safety plan for maximum efficiency.

This is where a walkthrough can be especially helpful among health and safety HR consulting services. Anyone can write a safety plan for a business, and many guides are copied straight from another company. Being similar doesn’t mean you have the exact same risks however. Things you can’t find on blueprints or on the company website may have a very big impact on how your plans play out in real life.

Consider the case of a restaurant within a franchise where every store shares the same tornado safety plan. If one of the restaurants suffers structural damage, following the company policy there may leave workers and customers at risk.

3. Create a comprehensive safety manual.

Your company

should have an official safety guide created for your place of business. Likewise, this should be updated if you’ve changed locales. Not only does this help your staff in an emergency, but it limits your liabilities and fulfills requirements for licensing and insurance. Having thoroughly gone over your policies, Einstein can help you put together an effective and efficient manual specific to your business.

4. Provide convenient, effective training to your staff.

People tend to learn best when taught the same information in a number of ways. Pairing a written guide with our extensive safety video library ensures your staff really understands how to react to problems. It also helps commit these steps to memory.

The videos are accessible on your time, as well. You won’t have to work with various schedules to make sure your workers are ready when we are. Pick the most convenient moments for safety training. We’ve made sure you won’t have to sacrifice productivity in order to prepare for disasters.

5. Deliver high-quality service at an affordable price.

One of the reasons we outshine competition is by staying affordable. Private safety consultants may charge you an arm and a leg and may not have the same range of experience found with our PEO. Our HR consulting services include the information we’ve picked up through other jobs.

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