Talent Recruiting when Hiring HR Professionals

Posted March 23, 2016 by Mary McGinley

An HR manager or director who is effective at recruiting people to the company as well as managing the day to day administration of HR is likely to be far more successful in keeping managers happy and keeping their jobs in an age of ever-increasing outsourcing.

According to a recent article by Kris Dunn, the chief human resources officer at Kinetix, he firmly believes that HR professionals who are heavily involved in talent acquisition at their companies will always have a job. Companies who keep the ability to recruit new talent in mind for their next HR manager or director are looking for those who can fit the bill of being a talent recruiter as well.

Of course, it should be noted, according to Dunn, that not all recruiters would make great HR hires. Many he believes, however, would. Top performing recruiters have several things in common.

Some of the very best talent recruiters have many traits in common with successful salespeople. They are often highly assertive or aggressive, and are able to maintain high energy. This is ideal for overcoming objections and making your company stand out to potential new hires.

While many people in the HR profession are good at their jobs, recruiters have the advantage of knowing how to close a prospect all the while keeping in mind the number of vacancies that need filling and the time and cost it takes to get a new hire into the company. The ability to say yes is something that many managers and company executives highly value. This is important because for many HR professionals, the focus on compliance and rules can cause them to say “No,” without expending the extra effort that a recruiter might.

Recruiters who are good at what they do may score lower on rules orientation, but they know the value of finding solutions for potential hires and using their skills in influencing decision makers to say, “Yes.”

As with highly successful salespeople, successful recruiters are keenly aware of company brand. They are often not just good at getting new hires in the door, but also doing what is necessary in order to retain good people in their positions.

Before hiring a recruiter to an HR position, however, it is important to note that many traditional HR managers know a good deal about patience. HR professionals understand that human nature and workplace politics may play a role in who gets hired. They will take the time to be deliberate in the steps that they take whereas a high-performance recruiter, not unlike a salesperson, will lack the necessary patience required and simply push to close the deal.

HR professionals generally know the importance of integrity and professional reputation in any hiring decision. Not every recruiter can do this as well as they can getting a new hire in the door and they may even view the necessary details such as compliance as just an annoyance. If that is the case, they may not be able to fill the HR role as effectively as someone who is more used to addressing compliance. Dunn recommends checking their tolerance of such administrative details in order to know for sure.

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