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Posted September 10, 2013 by Layne Davlin
Our Team

Einstein HR is one of the fastest growing HR solutions companies in the state of Georgia. Our company also enjoys acclaim as an award winning PEO (Professional Employer Organization). PEO is just one of the many benefits that organizations can make use of with our services. However, it is also one of the most integral aspects of any business.


What is a PEO?

A PEO deals with the outsourced management of your administrative resource functions. In other words, Einstein HR deals with the costly day to day functions of your organization for you thereby saving you a lot of time and money. This is done via a co-employment alliance between us and our clients. We can accommodate clients that have as little as 5 to up to 1000 employees.

The PEO industry has seen a boom recent years. This is because more and more businesses tend to turn to us to provide them with the tools they need to increase productivity thereby allowing them to focus on attaining a sharper business focus.


What Does it Do?

PEO services are specifically designed to assume administrative tasks such as filling payroll taxes, processing payroll, obtaining worker’s comp insurance for their clients and offering employee benefit options. Other than that PEO services also offer consultation dealing with issues like government regulations and reporting requirements. Moreover they also offer to establish a co-employment with their client’s employees especially those that can translate into risks. These usually have to do with worker’s compensation and unemployment tax.

The PEO renders its services by establishing and maintaining an employer relationship with his/her employees at the employer’s own worksite. This is done by (contractually) assuming some of the employer’s responsibilities and the risks that are involved as well.  It can also provide economies of scale and scope health benefits that employers might not have the time or expertise to handle on their own. PEOs are also responsible for compliances state, local and Federal regulations.

Mitigating business risks and administrative reductions such as these help business owners and managers focus on more important tasks – growing their business and growing profitability. Some of the many offers rendered by PEOs are as follows –


HR Outsourcing

Adding more staff to your business as it grows can be a challenge especially if your business happens to shift to a new state and requires new reporting requirements. A PEO outsourced HR service provides companies or employers with the tools they will need when it comes to handling employee regulations and new reporting requirements. An Employee Leasing Service also serves as a consultation service that can advise employers on topics like hiring, interviewing and even firing. This is done through close collaborations between companies and HR experts.



Dealing with employee payrolls can be time consuming. However there is no denying its importance. The PEO can handle processing payrolls, performing direct deposits, delivering checks and even filing your payroll taxes. Since HR services can be outsourced, they can be utilized in multiple states. Their importance cannot be denied especially for companies that have employees in different states throughout the country. The rules and regulations differ for each state, something that can only be taken on by the PEO Company.


Benefit Outsourcing

In order to maintain their credibility, companies need to provide valuable employees with incentives to stay on. Larger organizations have an advantage in the form of extensive employee benefit programs for their workers. The PEO service levels out the playing field thereby giving other small to midsized businesses the chance to compete on equal terms with larger corporations. This is because they offer access to a broad range of medical insurance benefits and even retirement.


Worker’s Comp

Worker’s Comp is regulated via a set of rules that are designated by the company. Worker’s Compensation is a type of insurance that provide employees with wage replacement and medical benefits. This is necessary for employees who have been injured during the course of their employment. This insurance is given to such workers for mandatory relinquishment of their right to sue their employer.

Using a PEO’s Worker’s Comp offering will include services such as processing and reviewing claims, and important task that small businesses have neither the funds nor the time to deal with. Employers might even end up with better rates.


Employee Background Screening

The PEO will also provide assistance in screening processes for potential employees. Doing so can minimize employee turnover. Other than that it can also help employers prevent potential lawsuits for hire negligence. EinsteinHR offers the following pre-employment screening services:


  • Criminal records (country, state and Federal levels)
  • Address histories and Identity verification
  • Consumer credit reports
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • Civil and bankruptcy records
  • Education, employment and credential verifications


Health and Safety Program

Since we are responsible for your worker’s comp, we can also help you design injury and illness prevention programs. This can result in fewer employee injuries (not to mention a reduced worker’s comp) and increased productivity. Our services include:


  • Audits of current safety policies and procedures
  • Completely customized safety manuals for your business
  • Audit of your safety situation
  • Safety Video via tape libraries for your employees
  • On-site safety checklist


HR Software Solutions

The best part about HR outsourcing services is that they can provide employers with online software solutions. EinsteinHR is no different. Our services include a range of options for storing, tracking and maintaining employee data. Besides that our services can also be customized to meet your company’s unique requirements. We will also help you create your own best practices for HR management.

Outsourcing HR, especially PEO has caught on and is proving to be a fast moving trend. Because of this, companies can breathe a sigh of relief since they won’t have to worry about additional, time consuming and costly operational expenses. PEOs come with all the expertise, manpower and tools they will need in order to ensure that their businesses keep prospering when they are not around.

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