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EinsteinHR Online™ Web Based Payroll Services

EinsteinHR Online™ Web Based Payroll Services

EinsteinHR Online™ Employer Managing your payroll information has never been easier. Login to EinsteinHR Online™ Employer, then let our Wizards walk you through system. Add a new employee. Enter your payroll information. Update employee information. Preview the results. Then, submit your payroll for processing. You can do it all, from anywhere you can access the Internet. At home, on the road, even on vacation – EinsteinHR Online Employer™ is there for you. Access your payroll anywhere, anytime with EinsteinHR Online™.

Features & Highlights

Online Web Payroll Software

  • EinsteinHR Online™ Employer is secure, easy to use and offers online help.
  • Wizards will walk you through tasks step-by-step.
  • A controlled environment and secure access means you can feel confident submitting payrolls from anywhere, at any time.

Payroll Entry Features:

  • Enter data easily thanks to our simple, grid-style template
  • Review pay details for individual employees
  • Click “Pay All” button to pay all employees
  • Auto “Pay All” feature available for salaried, standard hours, or extra amounts
  • Store reoccurring transactions through our pay template
  • Sort and view employees in 12 different sort options
  • Stop or change dates or amounts for scheduled deductions
  • Track voided checks to eliminate tax liability
  • Control totals to ensure hours and rates balance across payroll
  • Calculate manual checks with pay check calculator
  • See each check prior to submitting information with “gross-to-net” pre-processing journal verification
  • Enter information via Excel option
  • Import timesheet and files
  • View salary history
  • View department allocation on a fixed or temporary basis

And, after you submit payroll information online, EinsteinHR Online™ notifies your EinsteinHR representative via E-mail.

Employee Administration Features:

  • Access full employee files
  • Capture required data with the New Employee Wizard
  • Use the 128 additional customizable fields to maintain HR data such as sick/vacation accruals, training history and more
  • Ensure that your personnel have access to certain information through “company options”
  • Add new taxes and banks instantly

Payroll Processing Features:

  • Receive payroll checks and reports via email
  • Use ACH direct deposit with unlimited bank accounts
  • Receive automatic E-mail notification when payroll processing is complete
  • Receive complete tax payment and filing service
  • EinsteinHR’s “Pre-Calculate” feature allows you to view your payroll’s gross to net figures before you submit for processing

24 Hour Online Payroll Input

Whether it’s midnight or noon, whether you’re on the road or working from home, EinsteinHR Online™ enables you to add employees, make changes, run standard reports, view your payroll history and create your own reports.

Employee New Hire Wizard

How Essential is an Employee New Hire Wizard to Your Business?

An Employee New Hire Wizard takes the hassle out of onboarding new employees – at least where recordkeeping is concerned. These handy applications allow you to set up new employee records in minutes, and the information can be transferred across multiple programs to prevent the need for repeat entries. Not only does this help prevent errors and reduce workloads, but your HR department will appreciate knowing you value their time.

Save Time and Headaches with Simple Employee New Hire Products 

Technology has the ability to free up time once spent on busy work and funnel it toward tasks requiring real expertise. Tap into your staff’s potential. Why waste precious man hours filling out forms? Our easy-to-use and ultra-convenient New Hire Wizard allows you to input information on new employees one time. This simple application can then shares the information with other platforms used to track staff activity.

Save a surprising amount of time and frustration with one tool, and rest assured you won’t have to worry about pesky errors introduced during record creation. Transcribed letters and numbers, mistyped phrases and other little mistakes can wind up creating real problems. Why risk it? Cut down on your workload and potential hiccups by automating the new hire registration process.

Look at all of the ways a New Hire Wizard has helped other clients:

  • Saved time on new hire registration
  • Decreased typos and other transcription errors
  • Reduced errors in registration through the use of helpful prompts
  • Prevented problems in record keeping caused by doubled or forgotten entries
  • Improved morale in human resources by diverting time away from repetitive tasks and onto more meaningful activities

Online Payroll Report & Check Stubs

EinsteinHR ViewChoice™ online or E-mailed payroll delivers your payroll as soon as you submit the information. No waiting. No wondering. Just the information you need, delivered to your E-mail inbox, minutes after you submit your payroll for processing.

You send us your payroll by Internet, fax, or phone. EinsteinHR ViewChoice™ E-mailed Payroll then sends you payroll reports, check stubs, and live checks via the Internet. You can even save time by arranging for your accountant to receive a copy simultaneously via EinsteinHR ViewChoice™.

Why use EinsteinHR ViewChoice™ Online or E-mailed Payroll?

  • Automatically E-mail a copy of payroll to your accountant
  • Gain extra time to review live payroll data before pay day, and increase the accuracy of your payrolls
  • Correct problems without leaving your desk
  • Eliminate the hassle of paper reports by printing what you need, when you want it
  • Print payroll checks in your office

Payroll Timesheet Import

Upload timesheet information in seconds with EinsteinHR Online Employer™. Our system accepts data from most time clocks – and it’s so flexible that almost any program, time and attendance system or point of sale system will interface with our time import module.

The first time you use our system, we will help you convert the information and import it into our payroll system. From there, you are set for future payrolls.

Einstein HR Custom Report Generator

With EinsteinHR, you can tailor your own payroll reports to get the information you need, when you need it. EinsteinHR Online™ gives you access to key information that will help you power your business, through two convenient electronic reporting options.

Via ViewChoice Online —
Receive payroll reports, check stubs, or live checks on a on the web after your payroll is processed. You can receive a CD weekly, quarterly or annually as well, if you desire.

Via EinsteinHR E-mailed Payroll Reports —
Receive payroll reports instantly via E-mail after your payroll has been processed, then save reports to your desktop.

Payroll reporting capabilities include:

Standard Payroll Reporting —
Once your payroll has been processed, you receive standard reports to summarize the transactions that have taken place for the current pay period. Custom reports are developed based upon your unique management needs.

To-Date Reports —
Your payroll transactions are summarized based upon month-to-date, quarter-to-date and year-to-date processing. These optional reports are offered as frequently as you desire.

On Demand Reporting —
As your business grows, your needs may change, so we provide additional reports at any time, including custom reports.

Complete Report Library —
With over 100 reports to choose from, you receive the information you need instantly. The report library offers reports designed for specific industries, too.

Sample reports include:

  • Cash analysis
  • Department allocation & summary
  • Current deduction report
  • Tax liability report
  • ACH/direct deposit
  • Check reconciliation
  • Employee maintenance

Custom Reports —
Using a custom report writer, reports can be tailored to match your specifications. When using Desktop or Internet Software Solutions, you have direct access to a custom report writer to create reports on your own if needed.

Popular custom reports include:

  • 401(k)
  • Vacation/Sick Accruals
  • Union Dues
  • Seniority lists
  • Birthday Lists

Integrated Employee HR Intranet

EinsteinHR’s Employee Self-Service Company Hub creates an Intranet home for your company. Our system allows your employees to log in, see company messages, download company forms, and maintain their own basic payroll information, including addresses and skills. Fillable form capabilities even allow your employees to make changes to their W-4’s and I-9’s.

Think you could benefit from the information gleaned from an employee survey, or want employee feedback on a company project or issue? You can do that with EinsteinHR’s Human Resources solutions.

Pre Calculate Payroll Preview

Our pre-payroll calculating capabilities allow you to see what net pay is before you send your payroll information.

Just enter your payroll, press the “Pre-Process” button and view a report of earnings and deductions for each employee. Year-to-date information allows for monitoring tax shut-off or 401(k) contribution limits.


  • See gross-to-net on each employee before submitting to EinsteinHR
  • Monitor limits with year-to-date figures
  • Check to see if bonus checks calculate properly
  • Stop payroll submit and modify input before running

EinsteinHR (Payroll Company) offers nationwide web based payroll service software, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s web based payroll service software, contact an EinsteinHR web based payroll service software specialist at 770-962-1700.

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