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Payroll Administration Services

Payroll Administration Services

Your company is unique. You don’t want a cookie-cutter payroll system: You need a payroll system that fits the way you do business. At EinsteinHR, we offer tailored solutions. Whether your company is small, mid-sized or large, local or nationwide, we can input, acknowledge and receive your payrolls in a way that suits you best.

Our one-stop payroll administration center integrates payroll services processing, payroll tax filing, HR information management, employee benefits, time and attendance reporting, Web-based self-service and much more. You choose what’s best for you.

EinsteinHR’s payroll administration services includes:

Payroll Vacation/Sick/Personal Tracking Services

EinsteinHR helps keep vacation, sick and paid time off on track. First, we’ll set up a system that works for you by analyzing your parameters for vacation, sick or paid time off. Then we’ll add:

  • Accruals – Track how many vacation, sick and personal days each employee has earned.
  • Allotments – Track how many vacation, sick and personal days each employee has used or can roll over, based on the allotment given for a certain time period.
  • Earned and taken amounts of vacation, sick and personal days can be printed on pay stub and online or not show at all.

Unused vacation can be reported to you for each pay period to use for your accounting liabilities.
Or, do it yourself with EinsteinHR Online™:
Choose the employee, input the available balance or accrual amount, set goals, schedule accrual changes – all online.

Certified Payrolls/Davis Bacon

Turn your Davis-Bacon and Certified Payrolls over to our state-of-the-art system and save hours of work. We input your data and produce signature-ready forms. You authorize the paychecks and move on to the next task – it’s that simple.

Standard & Custom Online Payroll Reporting

Information is power. We slice and dice the numbers to give you information you can use to power your business. In fact, clients tell us that EinsteinHR’s standard reports are easier to read and understand than most payroll bureau’s custom reports. Here are standard reports you’ll receive:

  • Payroll check register (by employee, department and division)
  • Check reconciliation
  • Direct deposit report
  • Tax liability report
  • Employee deductions report (by deduction or combined)
  • Cash analysis report
  • Standard general ledger
  • Vacation, sick, PTO reports
  • Standard restaurant reports

Custom Reports:
EinsteinHR can assemble custom reports, using special calculations and variables to meet your needs and layout specifications. Some of the custom reports we create include:

  • Union reports
  • Certified payroll reports
  • Pension reports
  • EEO requirement reports

Through EinsteinHR Online™, you can easily create your own custom reports. Give us a call, and we can walk you through it.
Once you’ve ordered a customized report, we make it easy for you to view or receive it. Choose from:

  • Automatic online Web report viewing
  • E-mailed reports, available within 15 minutes after your payroll is processed through ViewMate™
  • Standard hard copies
  • Excel, CSV, PDF or ASCII files.

And, make your own Reports with the EinsteinHR Online Employer™ report writer

Human Resources New Hire Payroll Reporting

Under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) of 1996, employers are required to report information on new hires to the appropriate state agency within 20 days of the date of hire. This affects employees who are hired, rehired or who return to work after a separation of employment. (Individual states may have more stringent reporting requirements).

EinsteinHR takes the hassle out of new hire reporting requirements by reporting all your new employees, when they are hired, to the correct agency.

Payroll General Ledger Interface

Apply payroll information to your general ledger with our general ledger (G/L) interface. Our user-friendly system walks you through the process of mapping accounts to your payroll and determining how payroll is applied to general ledger accounting. (For example, do you post net payroll as a lump sum or send payroll information for each check number to individual accounts?). Then, with each payroll, a new file will be automatically uploaded.

You’ll benefit from improved accuracy by eliminating double data entry, and from eliminating third-party involvement in applying payroll data to the general ledger.

With our G/L Interface, you can:

  • Post earnings, taxes, and deductions to multiple accounts
  • Chart total net pay or chart each paycheck
  • Distribute payroll expenses to multiple accounts and/or departments
  • Allow auditor or accountant direct online access
  • Interface directly to QuickBooks®.

Unlimited Earnings & Payroll Tax Deductions

EinsteinHR takes the headaches out of earnings and deductions by giving you unlimited options for tailoring them to your needs.

Want to give a deduction your own name? Done. Need to track the deduction and prioritize it over voluntary deductions? Not a problem. We can set goals and limits for deductions and tax them, too.

Need a way to send your 401(k) deferrals to your 401(k) provider? We can separate or combine your deductions and pay with a third party check – or, we can direct deposit that deduction to a third party. The choice is yours.

No matter what type of pay, or what you call that pay, our system can handle your earnings with ease.

You can do it yourself with EinsteinHR Online™:

  • Schedule a deduction. Pick an employee, a deduction from a list, a start date and a deduction amount and you are good to go.
  • Turn off a Deduction. Using EinsteinHR Online Employer™, you can schedule a deduction change or stoppage, or have it shut off when your employee reaches their goal amount.

Call us; we would be glad to do a thorough earnings and deduction analysis on your company’s payroll.

Job Costing & Labor Distribution Payroll

What does a certain job cost? How are your labor costs distributed? Our job activity overview can track the cost of a particular job per month, quarter, or year-to-date — or for any period of time that you request. In fact, we’re expert at creating tailored reports that provide you with data you need to grow your business. Here are a few:

  • Hours and earnings display by job for regular, overtime, vacation, holiday, sick, and miscellaneous pay, along with total earnings.
  • Employee withholding taxes showing the employees’ portion of Social Security, Medicare, and Federal withholding, as well as itemized amounts for each state and local taxing agency.
  • Up to 30 voluntary deductions, reimbursements, and other compensation adjustments, with net pay amounts.
  • Data on employer tax expenses detailing each type of employer tax, including Social Security, Medicare, Federal unemployment insurance, and state unemployment insurance, including the total employer tax expense.
  • Federal tax liability and total compensation amounts.

Restaurant Payrolls

Restaurant payrolls present their own unique challenges. Let our professionals create a tailored payroll solution to help you ensure you’re complying with the complex laws governing employee wages and tips.

  • Tips-to-minimum compliance for regular and overtime pay
  • Form 4070 “Employee’s Report of Tips to Employer” tip sign-off sheet — Covers your liabilities for employees reporting tips and related discrepancies.
  • Shortfall report — Informs you when your employees did not have enough pay to cover the taxes required to be deducted from their check.
  • FICA tip credit report — Claim this report on Federal Form 8846 as a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when you pay FICA on tip amounts that bring the hourly rate over minimum wage. We can provide the amounts, you get the credit.
  • TEFRA Service – Form 8027: Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips
  • Point-of-sale interface solutions

Child Support, Garnishments & Wage Assignments

EinsteinHR can navigate the complex requirements for making employee garnishment payments. Whether it’s calculating the garnishment, withholding it, or remitting it, we can help. Our professionals keep you up-to-date on the latest regulations in your area and ensure that you meet your state’s garnishment administration requirements.

Our service includes:

  • Interpreting court orders, including calculations, payment methods, and due dates
  • Remitting garnishment deductions to the proper agency
  • Electronically transferring funds where accepted or required

Onsite Report Printing

Need reports, and need them now? Not a problem. EinsteinHR’s remote print-back capabilities enable you to print payroll reports, check stubs and checks – all within 15 minutes of the time we process your payroll. Now, that’s speed.

Via our password-protected report viewer, you can print out reports and view all of your EinsteinHR-processed payrolls. Our system allows one printing of your checks: Load your printer with check stock we provide you, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.

You can even use Onsite Report Printing to receive all your quarterly reports and W-2’s through a secure file emailed to the viewer. Or, use EinsteinHR Online Employer™ to access all of your standard and custom reports; print the ones you need. (This option does not allow you to print checks).

Third Party Payment Checks

Want to make your 401(k) plan run like clockwork? Want your deferrals and company match to arrive quickly to your carrier? EinsteinHR can provide Third-Party Payment Checks each pay period, each month, or on demand. We can direct deposit third-party payments, or create a third-party check by grouping together deductions from multiple employees. For example, we can pay your 401(k) carrier directly for you.

Digital Logo & Check Signatures

Look professional and save time every payday with EinsteinHR’s digitalized logos and signatures for paychecks.

Digitized Logos:
You provide the camera-ready art, or a high-quality laser print. We print digitized logos on your checks.

Digitized Signatures:
You provide the laser print or camera-ready art for up to two signatures. We print the signatures on your paychecks – and thanks to our secure system, signatures can print only when we run payroll, eliminating the risk of having blank check stock with your signature on it.

Once your paychecks are complete, we can automatically stuff and seal your checks – payday has never been easier.

ViewChoice Reports & Check Stubs Via Email

If you’ve got E-mail or internet access, you can also tap into your payroll information through EinsteinHR ViewChoice™ secure viewer or online viewer. Through EinsteinHR ViewChoice™, you get instant turnaround on your payroll by either E-mail or Web upload. Minutes after your payroll is processed, you receive an E-mail including all of your payroll reports.

To start, download the EinsteinHR ViewChoice™ viewer or log onto EinsteinHR Online Employer™, then click on the E-Mail or reports tab online to view your reports. With password-protected confidence, you can view everything from standard reports to custom reports, plus checks and check stubs, and even all your quarterly and annual tax filings, including W-2’s.

EinsteinHR’s ViewChoice™ and EinsteinHR ViewChoice™ online comes in three levels:


  • Payroll reports each payroll
  • Quarterly tax reports
  • Annual tax reports
  • W-2’s
  • 1099’s

Direct Deposit & EinsteinHR ATM/Visa Debit Cards

What do employees want? Direct deposit of their paychecks, for one. With EinsteinHR, you can offer employees direct deposit at a much lower cost than if you did it yourself with an in-house payroll system. And, you could see increased productivity once your employees are freed from standing in bank lines on payday.

EinsteinHR’s direct deposit system offers the ultimate in flexibility:

  • Each employee can have an unlimited number of direct deposit accounts at any number of banks.
  • The employee can have flat amounts or percentages deposited into their accounts.
  • The entire net check, less a specific flat amount, can be deposited (i.e., the employee always gets a $50 check, and the remainder is deposited into a checking account).

With EinsteinHR Online Employer™ , you can set up direct deposit for your employees yourself. The user-defined bank table shows the name of the bank for data-entry verification. This table also contains the format of the bank account numbers for the bank; ensuring accounts with the correct number of digits are entered. Individual direct deposit transactions can automatically be suppressed on supplemental paychecks.

Visa Payroll Debit cards
EinsteinHR’s Visa®-branded payroll debit card allows you to offer direct deposit to those employees who don’t have a traditional bank account or who don’t want their pay deposited to their existing bank accounts.

How do Visa®-branded payroll debit cards work? We direct deposit money directly into your employee’s Visa®-branded payroll debit cards account on payday. The employee can access the funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via purchases everywhere Visa is accepted, plus pinned point-of-sale merchant terminals (grocery stores, gas stations, U.S. Post Offices, etc.), and ATMs.

Why offer Visa®-branded payroll debit cards benefits to your employees? It helps consolidate your payroll processing, while saving your employees money in check-cashing costs, and decreasing the risk of fraud associated with issuing checks.

Payroll Processing Input Options

You say you want to input payroll in your own way? EinsteinHR can do that. Here are just some of the methods we offer our clients:

  • EinsteinHR Online™
  • The EinsteinHR Connection™
  • Phone inbound
  • Phone outbound
  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • Direct from time clock
  • Drop off
  • Pick up

EinsteinHR (Payroll Company) offers nationwide payroll administration services, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s payroll administration services, contact an EinsteinHR payroll administration service specialist at 770-962-1700.

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