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Nationwide PEO Payroll Tax Payment Services

Nationwide PEO Payroll Tax Payment Services

EinsteinHR keeps you in compliance, one payroll at a time. Our nationwide PEO tax paying and filing capabilities mean that your taxes are paid promptly. And accurately. That’s peace of mind.

Federal Payroll Tax Services

Worried about tax compliance? Confused by the constant changes in tax law? EinsteinHR’s automatic tax service will calculate, collect and pay your payroll taxes. The responsibility and liability are ours. We monitor the latest updates in tax law and compliance issues so you can rest assured that you will never pay an employment tax penalty again.

If you’ve ever struggled with a tax deposit error, you’ll be pleased to know that our automatic system pays employment taxes and electronically files employment tax returns. Our system assures that you will never again pay an employment tax penalty.

Each pay period, we electronically debit your bank account for Social Security Taxes, Federal and State Withholdings, and Federal and State Unemployment Taxes. Then, we file your employment tax returns and send you copies.

Automatic Tax Payment
If the IRS mandates that your business comply with EFTPS for your federal employment tax deposits, but you prefer to file your own returns, we have the answer. EinsteinHR’s Tax Payment service includes:

  • Initiation of “EFTPS-ACH Credit” deposits of your federal employment taxes
  • Verification of federal employment tax payments

Payroll Year End Filing Services

Year-End Services
Dreading year-end and its W-2/1099 compliance hassles? EinsteinHR can help you meet deadlines and stay on top of changing regulations.

We file your W-2 and 1099 information electronically, then produce your year-end payroll-related documents, including your employees’ copies, pre-stuffed in envelopes and ready for distribution. Our forms are easy for your employees to read and understand, minimizing inquiries. And, we provide all statutory digital filings.

State & Local Tax Liabilities

We offer two levels of service for meeting state and local tax liabilities:

Complete Tax Pay & File Service
On the check date, EinsteinHR will electronically transfer applicable state and local taxes from your bank account and deposit them with the appropriate tax authorities by the due date. (In some areas, some local taxes may not be handled by the Tax Pay service.) EinsteinHR also files tax returns, tying out all of your taxes to the end of the quarters and end of year. You receive copies of all returns.

Memo Tax Service
Each pay period, EinsteinHR calculates your employees’ state and local income tax. You receive reports with the amounts and dates for deposits to the appropriate taxing agencies. At the end of each quarter, you’ll receive a package with the state and local tax returns that we’ve prepared (at the end of the quarter or calendar year, depending on state and local requirements). If state or local taxes must be deposited, we will notify you. Then, you must deposit the liabilities by the due date. At the end of the quarter or year, you must deposit any remaining amounts. You must file appropriate state and local returns

Unemployment Tax Liabilities

EinsteinHR will deposit any tax that is owed and will file any tax return that is due at the end of each quarter

State Unemployment Insurance Management.
EinsteinHR handles all aspects of unemployment administration – including paperwork for your State Unemployment Insurance. Our experts can keep track of the paperwork, and assure that there are no erroneous claims or charges. Because your employee and business information has already been automated through our payroll system, we can verify the wage histories of your employees. We can also help reduce unemployment compensation costs by checking for erroneous charges, which may lead to a lower SUI experience rating. Timely processing can help eliminate unwarranted claims as well.

Memo Tax Service
EinsteinHR calculates your SUI tax, if applicable, every pay period and provides you with reports that list the amount. We also provide you with signature-ready returns and wage lists at the end of each calendar quarter. You are notified of any tax that must be deposited. You must pay the tax that is due by the due date. You must also file the tax returns that are provided in your quarter-end package.

EinsteinHR (Payroll Company PEO) offers nationwide payroll tax payment services, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s payroll tax services, contact an EinsteinHR payroll tax services specialist at 770-962-1700.

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