H-1B Visas Under Threat By Executive Order

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 19, 2017

    The flagrant abuse of the H-1B Visa program has caused the Trump administration to take a hard look at putting in place more limitations. According to a recent article in Personnel Today, President Trump issued his Buy American and Hire American on April 18th, 2017. … Read More »

    House Passes ACA Repeal, Now Goes To Senate

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 12, 2017

    Last week, the United States House of Representatives voted to replace the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare on the narrowest of margins. The resolution to repeal passed by a single vote. In order to indicate just how contentious this issue has become, not a single … Read More »

    Social Media Activity Isn’t Private

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 5, 2017

    In today’s world of social media, sometimes it’s difficult to keep separate one’s professional persona in the workplace and the persona that one has in their personal life. According to a recent article by Jon Hyman that appeared at, those lines can blur between … Read More »

    Funding of ACA Subsidies In Doubt

    Posted by Mary McGinley on April 28, 2017

    Confusion about the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what funds will be available to help lower-income Americans in paying their out of pocket healthcare expenses continues.  For the heads of health insurance companies who wanted answers on what the future may hold, … Read More »

    AirAsia Shows How to Develop Talent in your Company

    Posted by Mary McGinley on April 21, 2017

    Today’s constantly changing marketplace has many employers asking themselves how they can change to best suit their customers while also creating an environment where workers feel personally vested and involved. It has been proved that the best places to work are those where workers feel … Read More »

    How to Put Your Best Benefits Foot Forward

    Posted by Mary McGinley on April 12, 2017

    HR managers know that when they’re recruiting, letting new staff candidates know about the benefits of working for their company is important. Not to highlight those benefits can mean all the difference on whether a potential new-hire accepts the offer of working for that organization … Read More »

    Genetic Testing Raises Employee Hackles

    Posted by Mary McGinley on April 7, 2017

    There’s a battle heating up in the workplace and it’s over healthcare and privacy matters regarding employee wellness programs within companies. In a recent article that appeared at by Andie Birjek, the latest contention comes over HR 1313, otherwise known as the Preserving Employee … Read More »

    Tech, Bad Behavior & the Absence of HR

    Posted by Mary McGinley on March 30, 2017

        Rarely a day goes by without Uber or another Silicon Valley tech giant somewhere in the headlines, often for something negative. Uber has been besieged by lawsuits of one kind or another, most regarding how the company addresses its drivers and internal personnel. … Read More »

    Workplace Wellness Programs Growing Fast

    Posted by Mary McGinley on March 24, 2017

    n Since the 1980’s the idea of wellness programs has gone from something that few companies were even interested in to being more and more integrated into the work life for most Americans today. Wellness programs in the workplace are now even being integrated into … Read More »

    What are the Causes for Workplace Stress? Opinions Differ

    Posted by Mary McGinley on March 17, 2017

    While employees and employers can agree that workplace stress can cause both physical and mental concerns, the reasons why are not. In a recent article that appeared at, managers and executives have no problem in admitting that technology can attribute to worker stress. Often … Read More »

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