Employees Not Asking For Training To Avoid Looking Incompetent

Posted May 10, 2019 by Mary McGinley

In today’s competitive workforce, it’s important to have the skills that employers and organizations are looking for. This means keeping skillsets current and relevant to meet current and future challenges on the job.

According to a recent article appearing on the HR Dive website, approximately half of workers surveyed by research firm, Sitel, indicated that they believe their employers penalize them for not having the right skills. One-third of those participating in the study felt that if they asked their employer for training it would make them appear incompetent. One third also believe that their employer doesn’t offer training to help them advance in their careers or even understand skills gaps because managers downplay the importance of training and development in the workplace.

In line with this belief is an earlier article by Rita O’Donnell also appearing on HR Dive that less than 30% of companies offer training for their workers to help them meet changes in the marketplace and organizations that they work for.

This runs counter to Sitel’s findings which indicated 88% of those workers surveyed believe that it is important that employers have formal training programs in place. An estimated 95% of the study participants believe that employee experience also affects the experience of their organization’s customers. HR professionals can play a vital role by interacting with work teams to determine what training is most needed for each area of the organization. They can also help by encouraging workers to teach each other while on the job.