Surviving Office Politics

Posted July 10, 2016 by Mary McGinley

No matter how long you have been out in the workplace, some days it can feel a little bit like you’re swimming in shark infested waters.

It seems that there is definitely no shortage of books or articles that offer advice on how to avoid or at least successfully navigate the office politics which can seem a little bit like being on a reality television program where alliances and politics are the order of the day.  In some workplace atmospheres, it can seem like a never-ending contest to see who gets ahead.  According to a recent survey conducted by Robert Half International, 62 percent of the workers interviewed said that being able to navigate office politics was somewhat necessary in order to get ahead.

In a recent article by Greg Wallace, CEO of leadership consulting firm The Wallace Group and author of Transformation: the Power of Leading from Identity,”  has identified five different kinds of sharks.  Be on the lookout for the Hammerhead, the Bull Shark, the Barking Shark, The Great White Shark and the Sand Sharks that can be lurking in your office by reading about them here.

No matter where you work, office politics seem just to be a part of human nature. The best way to be able to successfully swim with the sharks without letting them take a bite out of you is to do things the right way and let your actions, your integrity, and your reputation speak for itself.

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