Why Employees Love Appreciation

Posted June 23, 2017 by Mary McGinley

No matter how long someone has been on the job, every employee appreciates a little recognition or even a reward for a job well done. According to a recent article that appeared on the HR Technologist website, it’s human nature to want to feel valued and special for who they are and the work that they do. Part of this, according to researchers is that praise of this type increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which makes people feel good and gives them a sense of well-being and happiness.   Why give praise to workers that can in some cases cost little or nothing at all?  The reasons are manifold including the fact that praise and recognition helps align worker’s goals and motivation to that of their organization, enhances team spirit and comraderies, lowers turnover rates and increases overall employee job satisfaction and reducing absenteeism. The bottom line is that it not only increases the company brand, but it can also help HR departments in meeting on-the-job learning goals for workers.

In 60% of the organizations that were surveyed by the Global Force / SHRM Employee Recognition Survey conducted in 2016, employee recognition is directly tied to the organization’s overall core values. Because Millennials are an increasing portion of the workforce, getting inspiration from peers within their own immediate department or group can mean a great deal more to them than to older workers . HR Technologist further advises that for those older workers, however, a companywide announcement of accomplishment is probably more to their liking.  

The way that this recognition is given to workers is done in various ways. It can mean being featured in an article put out over the company intranet, through a distributed newsletter, lunch with the boss, bonuses or even extra time off.  HR Technologist recommends that above all, recognition should be given in a timely fashion and with something that is truly valuable to workers being recognized and their peers.

Each company has its own core values and culture.  Employee recognition and reward plays an essential role within an organization and no two company cultures are exactly alike.  Finding out the things that your workers value as well as rewarding them for the hard work that they do and their successes are all a part in keeping them happy and retaining them as a part of your winning team.  Helping you to determine what that is, and helping you find and retain the best workers possible for your organization is all a part of what we do at EinstienHR.  

Our human resource professionals will work with your company in order to help you determine what matters most to your company and to your staff. We can help you to fill open positions at your organizations by assisting you in finding the right candidate for the right job. EinsteinHR offers a wide range of ways in order to attract, hire and retain top talent for your organization.  

We can assist your organization in finding the best fit.  Contact us today to find out how EinsteinHR can help.