Businesses Should Loop in their HR Departments

Posted December 17, 2015 by Mary McGinley

HR departments juggle many different goals from talent recruiting and retention to compensation programs. But in the shuffle to fulfill HR-specific goals, sometimes departments lose sight of the larger picture. An article from SHRM talks about how HR departments and talent acquisition professionals should align their goals with the mission of the business.

Smart companies see their HR departments as strategic business partners, but human resource professionals have specific skills that can help fill staffing needs in specific ways. For instance, if a startup company hires an PEO like EinsteinHR to find employees, the approach will be much different than for a well-established company. Startups may want to focus on the quality of the hire over the speed of filling the role because who you hire in a startup can make or break a company. But in order to make these and other hiring strategy decisions, HR has to know what the overall business strategy is.

The way to get buy-in from the rest of the company is to provide data. There can be more insight than you think in your applicant tracking systems. For instance, if you feel that salary needs to be adjusted upward, but the hiring manager won’t budge, an analysis of the requested salary range from every person who has applied could provide the push necessary to change the strategy.

HR is a complicated field and many buisness owners are turning to PEO companies. For more information about outsourcing your HR or administrative assistant departments, contact EinsteinHR.