Attracting Talent Tips for the Digital Job Market

Posted October 23, 2016 by Mary McGinley

For most businesses, it can be a challenge to attract and keep top talent. Getting the word out when you’re hiring is important; especially in today’s job market.

When marketing your company to job seekers it pays to have a plan. Here are some tips offered in a recent article at the Tech.Co website designed to help you attract better potential employees in today’s competitive job market.

Utilize Social Media

Today’s job seeker tends to use social media as part of their job search. According to HR industry experts, an estimated 79% of job seekers begin looking for a job on social media sites. That means that personal social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, for example also turn out to be great venues for companies to let the word know about available positions. Because these sites are also a gathering place for friends and family to interact, word of mouth and sharing links to available positions being advertised on social media potentially get more response.

Companies can create pages and profiles for their organization on the more popular social media venues such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. The key is to put as much care and effort into promoting job openings as you would any other type of media. Each one can play an integral word in getting the word out regarding your company and available job openings and help you in filling them.

It All Began With LinkedIn

LinkedIn serves as the corporate social network of choice for many professionals in all types of industries and is the go-to site for promoting and marketing for organizations. The site allows users to post status updates and their CV’s along with any awards, volunteer work and relevant experience. Companies can create their own pages that they can post openings and actively recruit potential workers.

Don’t forget Your Company’s Website

Today’s job seeker will not only be looking at your social media presence but will make sure to stop at your company’s own website. What do they see when they go there? Are both the information and the design of your website up-to-date?  Your company’s website serves your virtual front door. Make sure that it presents the face that you want potential recruits to see.

If you aren’t quite sure about how to go about using social media to your company’s best advantage, having an experienced team to help you in coordinating your recruiting efforts can show you how. Using social media is just part of what we do at EinsteinHR.  Almost everyone agrees that in today’s constantly changing climate, social media has become fully integrated in both our personal and professional lives. We have seen both the power and the pitfalls surrounding social media and can help you use it to your company’s best advantage.

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