Advice on Leveraging Social Media from SHRM

Posted May 27, 2016 by Mary McGinley

It’s no secret that social media is playing an ever-increasing role in how employers and recruiters find candidates.

Human resource professionals know that online communities, personal blogs and other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be used to find candidates or to advertise job openings. Social media is also a great way for the hidden job markets to be revealed.

In a recent interview with SHRM, Shanil Kaderali, executive vice president of global talent solutions at San Jose, Calif.-based Pierpoint International, offered advice on how HR professionals can leverage their social media channels to find candidates.

When asked how to successfully utilize social media for sourcing job candidates, Kaderali advises being focused. That means staying visible to the estimated 2 billion unique monthly visitors on the top social media sites. Being dedicated takes time and effort too, so being present and dedicating the time to social media as a recruiting tool can pay off.

Contrary to popular notions about social media, it isn’t quick and easy. This is especially true if the candidates that you want have very specific skills, Kaderali says.

Would-be candidates are attracted to your message on social media through meaningful content that is shared. When content is meaningful, candidates are more likely to click on the links. If you simply posted information about a specific information about a position, they’re not generally inspired.

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