Compliance Issues in 2017

Posted December 23, 2016 by Mary McGinley

The election of Donald Trump’s as President of the United States has left employers wondering how the changing of the guard will change the landscape in the world of work. There is no doubt that the President-elect is more business-oriented than pro-labor. How will this affect compliance issues? According to Xpert HR’s annual survey of US employers, some of the most challenging compliance issues for HR professionals in 2017 are as follows:

Post-Election Concerns

Many companies are asking what might happen to the National Labor Relations Board and its pro-labor policies now with the incoming pro-business policies that are likely to be enacted under President-elect Trump. Of further concern to employers regarding the pro-labor mandates that were put in place by the Obama Administration such as the EEO-1 reporting rule and rules enacted regarding employee overtime pay.

The ACA or Affordable Care Act has also created challenges for today’s employers. Most companies interviewed in the survey found following the health mandates of the ACA to be extremely or very confusing.  While there was much talk on the campaign trail about repealing and replacing the ACA, the current health mandates will remain in place for now.

Meeting Hiring Challenges

There are also a number of challenges unrelated to the current laws of partisan politics. Among these challenges are the growing gig economy and brain drain that is occurring due to an aging workforce. According to the Xpert HR survey among those who participated, some 55% felt either extremely or very challenged in when searching for qualified candidates to fill positions. Because of requirements such as Ban the Box and screening processes that no longer allow employers to check the credit rating of candidates, 21% of respondents left them feeling challenged when filling available positions. The survey also said that between 33 and 34 percent of respondents found that both managing leaves and complying with mandated employee protection policies such as FMLA, Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment rights and ADA compliances to be extremely or very challenging.


Hacking incidents have become far more frequent and at risk are the records of employee medical records, financial information, social security information and company trade secrets and other proprietary data.  All of these digital assets are vulnerable and it is becoming more difficult with each passing day to protect all of this sensitive information.  Companies now rate preventing cyber breaches of this information as being important and extremely or very challenging.

At EinsteinHR, we can help you stay compliant with all of the mandates of the previous administration and help you stay in compliance when the new one comes in.  We will be there to help answer the questions you may still have about these changes.  Whatever your needs are in terms of human resources, we have the years of experience to give you the answers you need.

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