Non-STEM Graduates More Concerned About The Future

Posted May 17, 2019 by Mary McGinley

It may come as a surprise to organizations looking for new talent just entering into the workforce are confident they will be receiving one or more offers of employment once they graduate college. This is especially true if they have a degree in STEM fields like computer science.

Conversely, HR Dive reports that graduating students who have degrees in non-STEM fields like communications, however, are a bit more anxious about their future employment prospects.

According to a study conducted by talent acquisition company Yello, Generation Z workers who are entering the workforce are unlike their Millennial counterparts; their experience with employment recruiters has the largest impact on whether or not to accept a position.

The study also indicated that almost half or 46% of Gen Z workers surveyed have applied for a position via mobile devices as compared to Millennials at 38%. This new group of young workers is looking to integrate technology and face to face communications in the workplace. This has caused some concern for managers as to whether their expectations will make them more difficult to manage.

Gen Z graduates are keenly aware that they are in demand in today’s employment environment. Some feel that once they graduate, what they don’t know already, they will learn on the job. Dell Technologies recently released a study indicating that companies and organizations need to strengthen their soft skills in order to attract and retain these workers who are entering the workforce.

Three-quarters of Gen Z workers responding to the Dell survey had the expectation that they should be promoted after one year in the first position that they are hired for. Young women from this demographic seem to be most confident about their skills being in demand and the needs of employers to improve diversity in the workforce.