Leadership Comes From Within

Posted July 21, 2017 by Mary McGinley

The never-ending question of what exactly makes up leadership keeps cropping up. What is it that makes a leader? Is it learning the skills outlined within a worker’s given job description – or is it something deeper still?

In a recent article that recently appeared on the Forbes.com website, most companies will hold leadership training within their respective organizations. Today, whether the training is classroom based, on-the-job or experiential, the focus and content of these “trainings” generally focus on what an individual within a specific position does.  Leadership, according to the article, is much more than just this.

The article’s author, Kathleen Taylor –Gadsby, President of KTG Leadership Solutions, suggests answering that true leadership is done from the true self. In order to get to what that is, she suggests asking the following questions :

1. Morning Motivation: What gets you up? As many self-help and motivational authors and speakers suggest, determining your life purpose can help you find the answer. It can be a complex question and one that is never truly answered in full. However, when elements of what that purpose make themselves apparent, you’ll know. Elements of this purpose can be incorporated into nearly everything you do and can be an essential part of becoming a leader.

2. What are your talents? – Yes, it is entirely possible to make a living doing what you love and what you’re good at. During times of adversity, you may end up discovering talents that might have gone undiscovered and unknown before. Roadblocks can present a set of opportunities that can give you an entirely new perspective once you meet the challenge head on and find out you were stronger, more resilient and more talented than you thought.

3. Consider the values and guiding principles that govern your life. – Nearly everyone has a set of values by which they live their lives. Many of these may be part and parcel of an individual’s religious or family upbringing. A person’s point of view and guiding principles is more often than not gained over an entire lifetime. Whether on the job or off, conducting oneself according to such values and principles can play a huge role within that person and how they respond to being put into a position of leadership.

Taken all together, each of these factors can play a crucial role when a person is being considered for or placed in a leadership position. At EinsteinHR, we know that human capital is one of the greatest assets any organization has. Developing those assets to be the best they can be is crucial to your success. The success of our clients is in turn our success.

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