Millennials Feel Comfortable Walking From Jobs That Are Too Stressful

Posted August 23, 2019 by Mary McGinley

Today’s workers are becoming more health-conscious than ever and are looking to their employers to help them manage their wellness, but are companies keeping up with those expectations? According to a recent article appearing by Rita O’Donnell on the HR Dive website, companies are falling short.

In a recent study conducted by employer health management firm, Welltok, Millennial workers are willing to walk away from a job because of stress. Most workers (73%) participating in the study also feel that it is the employer’s responsibility to help them manage their stress so that they can do their jobs.

According to Welltok’s co-founder, Scott Rotermund, “Self and health are synonymous and non-negotiable for Millennials. Their health is an extension of who they are and transcends both work and personal life – taking care of their body, being mindful and financially stable,” Rotermund explained. “As a result, robust wellbeing offerings are a key component of benefit packages that today’s organizations are touting to recruit and retain Millennials.”

While employers have made some efforts toward catering to worker needs and expectations, more than 60% of workers say they are being pointed toward resources which they consider irrelevant or even outdated.

An estimated 85% of workers who participated in the Welltock survey also indicated that they would be more likely to participate in employer health management programs if those offerings improved or increased.