Could Follow-Up Meetings Help With Employee Retention?

Posted August 16, 2019 by Mary McGinley

The message to within business organizations everywhere is that one-on-one meetings are not just something for managers; employees need and want them, too.

Personnel Today’s Rolly Walker writes that according to a YouGov poll conducted recently, 80% of employees were disappointed in their managers. According to the findings of the survey, 55% of participants said they parted ways with the company that they worked for because of poor management practices.

One of the areas which participants felt needed the most improvement was that of follow-up meetings after annual evaluations and that those yearly or semi-annual assessments were inadequate for their continued professional growth.

To meet the continually changing landscape and demands of the modern work environment, organizations and management teams are utilizing more conventional forms of feedback between managers and workers. One-on-Ones provide an opportunity to build rapport between managers and workers. It sets a positive tone and allows both parties to be honest. Many workers who participated in the poll felt that check-ins would also be a perfect opportunity to discuss health and overall well-being with their managers.

Walker suggests that managers set objectives, give feedback, discuss projects and milestones, and on whether goals and areas of improvement are being met by having direct and meaningful conversations. An overwhelming number of employees agree (84%) that such check-ins are needed and 30% of participants went as far as to say that more frequent one-on-ones as being “very important.”

The figure was even higher among both Generation Z workers who were entering the job market (40%) and workers aged 45-54% felt that getting regular feedback was crucial on the job and helped them meet goals and grow professionally.