Complaints And Protests At Work Rise After #MeToo Movement

Posted June 14, 2019 by Mary McGinley

After the #MeToo Movement began, almost immediately there were repercussions across the employment landscape. A little over a year ago, some hiring managers said that they would think twice before hiring women for open positions for fear of complaints being lodged against themselves or other male colleagues or even traveling with current female coworkers.

In an article at Staffing recent reports that the 2019 Emerging Workforce Study released today conducted by Spherion Staffing LLC found that 42% of companies surveyed have noticed an increase in the number of complaints increased after #MeToo. The complaints concern not only sexual harassment but also issues of equal pay and being passed over for career advancement.

Spherion interviewed some 731 human resource professionals across a wide range of U.S. based companies and industries. Also participating in the survey were 2,115 workers of both genders. The results of the survey focused on age, gender, region, income, race, and ethnicity.

Such movements have become a powerful force to contend with in the workplace and are constantly on the minds of workers and managers alike. Of those workers surveyed, more than half said that they would stand up to their employer if they witnessed or perceived unethical or illegal behavior and would participate in a walkout. Some 66% of the millennial workers who participated in the survey said that they would stage a walkout if they saw illegal or unethical behavior on the job in order to make their point.

When asked, some Millennials indicated that they have already engaged in protests on the job. Some 41% of Millennials interviewed said that they had already participated in protests against previous or current employers.