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Referral Advantage Program

Referral Advantage Program

The ReferralAdvantage program optimizes the Bank & Business Customer relationship, enabling Banks to provide more comprehensive services to their clients and reduce their workload. Partners who partner with EinsteinHR will:

  • Work directly with our senior sales associates and key decision makers
  • Collaborate to offer certified solutions that are flexible and configurable to your customer’s needs.


Referral Partner Benefits

EinsteinHR streamlines the reporting process
We collaborate with each client’s different departments to streamline the process and reduce the workload.  We become the HR department for your client and handle all issues related to the work we do.

Financial incentives for referrals
As a thank you for referrals, we offer a flexible revenue-sharing model in which the financial incentive can be paid directly to the referral partner, shown as a discount to the client or split between the two parties.

EinsteinHR maintains a high client-retention rate
With our focus on customer service, accuracy and reliability, it’s no wonder EinsteinHR has a 95 percent client-retention rate. Referring your client to EinsteinHR only will enhance your customer relationship.

ReferralAdvantage means one point of contact
With EinsteinHR’s low-turnover rate, Your staff will have the benefit of dealing with one salesperson and senior manager throughout the life of their account.

Referral business to our EinsteinHR partners
As a basic practice, we always look to our partners first in referring business.

A complete marketing kit for your bank
Upon signing up with our system EinsteinHR will provide you with all of the marketing materials you will need. Our kit includes professional sell sheets, tri-fold brochures, brochure holders and giveaways. EinsteinHR will also train your staff on “Basic and PEO Payroll Needs” for businesses today.

Our Einstein HR Service System
Through our customizable Einstein HR Service System, we allow our clients the flexibility to utilize our expertise for their specific objectives. From the results of our Einstein HR Service System questionnaire, we produce a recommendation of the appropriate product and service package, unique to each business with which we work.


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If you want to bring the expertise and focus of EinsteinHR to your clients, we hope you’ll consider the ReferralAdvantage. Please contact a representative at 770-962-1700 or email us at Sales@EinsteinHR.com.

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