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Tax Credit Processing

Tax Credit Processing

EinsteinHR offers nationwide employer tax credit services with full-scale employer tax benefit solutions. Take advantage of government incentives with EinsteinHR’s employer tax credit processing services. EinsteinHR manages portfolios of various government incentives that reduce costs through tax credits, grants, and retrieves unclaimed dollars for your company.

Outsourcing tax credit processing services to EinsteinHR will reduce the cost, complexity and time required to process tax credits.

EinsteinHR employer tax credit services provides federal, as well as state, tax incentive services and solutions to small, medium, and large size businesses.

  • Federal Tax Credits Services
  • State Tax Credits
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EinsteinHR can assist your business in getting these valuable employer tax credit benefits through our comprehensive tax credit portfolios, extensive knowledge base, and with real time tax credit reports outlining the credits processed for your company.

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