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EinsteinHR Connection™ Onsite Payroll Software

EinsteinHR Connection™ Onsite Payroll Software

The EinsteinHR Connection™ enables you to enter payroll data remotely through a personal computer. Pre-process your payroll; check it for accuracy, then send it to EinsteinHR for processing. We can print your checks and reports, or return them to you for printing in your own office.

Payroll Service Software Features & Highlights

  • Payroll cycle task list shows you steps to do at every point
  • Store multiple employee databases via different company codes.
  • Full security password protection at database, screen and field levels.
  • Cut, copy and paste employee data between fields within the application and all Microsoft products.
  • Export employee timesheets to Excel at the push of a button, key employee hours, and earnings via Excel templates/formulas and bring back into the EinsteinHR Connection.
  • Sort or select employee data by multiple fields.
  • Access employees by name, number, group code, clock number, social security #, department, division or company.
  • Attractive use of color on data entry screens to visually separate functions.
  • User can add, edit, delete or print company tables: department, city, group code, location code, worker’s comp codes, bank names and addresses, and later, earnings, taxes and deductions.
  • Build new hires via guided screen template.
  • Security accesses log of all additions, changes and removal of passwords.
  • A demo company is built into software with file refresh. Use for employee training and demo presentations.
  • Flip between companies and/or employees quickly, and keep multiple employee screens open on the desktop.
  • Access control totals and timesheet controls screens at any time.
  • Display employee name, number, rate, department, division on every screen.
  • Auto-pay all employees via standard hours, per pay salary and extra locked-in amounts.
  • Time clock hours/earnings import with “audit and get data” function to pull in pays.
  • Easy to uses screen buttons that allows screen confirmation to save, undo, exit and navigate.
  • Add, edit, terminate or rehire and employee at any time.
  • EinsteinHR Connection


  • Export data from multiple file format with MS Access.
  • Standard Report selection plus you can build your own reports via MS ACCESS Report Wizard. Build your own report library in MS Access, Crystal Reports Writer or the hrIS Report Writer.
  • Employee Profile utility that displays basic personnel data, employee photo, MTD, QTD, YTD totals and multi year, from-to, check history.
  • Launch reports, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, forms and letters or any Windows application from the “connection” toolbar.

Desktop Human Resource Payroll Software

PeopleChoice HR is the solution of choice for capturing, tracking, maintaining and storing employee data.

If you’ve been searching for a system that allows for in-depth career tracking while allowing your HR department to maintain control, check out PeopleChoice HR. You’ll easily track salary information, job descriptions, skills training, attendance and more. Create job descriptions, employee handbooks and checklists to aid with new hire or termination processes.

Why Use PeopleChoice HR?

* Manage salary, benefits, training and personal information
* Use customizable fields within the HR module for your specific tracking needs
* Integrate standard data between payroll and HR modules
* Accrue and calculate time off with attendance tracking tools
* Manage employee reviews and career development activities with standard forms and reports

Time & Attendance Payroll Integration

Upload your timesheet information in seconds with EinsteinHR Online Employer™. Our system accepts data from most time clocks – and it’s so flexible that almost any program, time and attendance system or point of sale system will interface with our time import module.

The first time you use our system, we will help you convert the information and import it into our payroll system. From there, you are set for future payrolls.

Custom Payroll Report Generator

Reporting Capabilities:

Tailor your own payroll reports to get the information you need, when you need it. EinsteinHR Online lets you access information through convenient electronic reporting options.

Receive payroll reports, check stubs, or live checks online, after your payroll is processed. You can receive a CD weekly, quarterly or annually if you desire.

EinsteinHR E-mailed Payroll Reports
Receive payroll reports instantly via email after your payroll has been processed, then save reports to your desktop.

Payroll reporting capabilities include:

Standard Payroll Reporting
Once your payroll has been processed, you will receive standard reports to summarize the transactions that have taken place for the current pay period. Custom reports can also be developed based upon your unique management needs.

To-Date Reports
Your payroll transactions can be summarized based upon month-to-date, quarter-to-date and year-to-date processing. These optional reports are offered as frequently as you desire.

On Demand Reporting
As your business grows, your needs may change. Additional reports can be provided at any time, including custom reports.

Complete Report Library
With over 100 reports to choose from, you receive the information you need instantly. The report library offers reports designed for specific industries, too.

Custom Reports
Using a custom report writer, reports can be tailored to match your specifications. When using the Desktop or Internet Software Solutions, you have direct access to a custom report writer to create reports on your own if needed.

Popular custom reports include:
Vacation/Sick Accruals
Union Dues

Multiple Levels of Access & Security

Your information is secure in The EinsteinHR Connection™ system. You can allow or deny virtually any field of information for your users.

EinsteinHR (Payroll Company) offers nationwide desktop payroll software program, get a quote.

For more information on EinsteinHR’s desktop payroll software program, contact an EinsteinHR desktop payroll software program specialist at 770-962-1700.

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