How To Lead In Human Resources

Posted December 20, 2018 by Mary McGinley

Every HR professional strives to be effective in their job and to their respective organization. But what does it take to be a leader in the world of human resources?  The staff of Human Resources Director Magazine -Australia recently outlined a few ideas on the subject on their website.

In a research project conducted by Zenger Folkman where some 2,187 HR leaders from around the world were interviewed for a period of more than five years, there are four competencies that separate HR leaders at the top from the rest.

These four goals include:

  • Establishing stretch goals
  • Problem solving ability
  • The ability to analyze current issues & to solve them
  • The ability to stay connected to the outside world

According to the data presented by the Zenger Folkman study, those HR professionals which regularly incorporated these skills were far more likely to find themselves in positions of leadership or increased leadership responsibilities. HR professionals should cast a critical and honest eye on their own set of skills and look for ways to improve them.

This may include attending leadership seminars and conferences or continuing their education toward a degree more advanced than the one that they currently have. In Australia, for example, 30% of the nation’s HR professionals hold a Master’s Degree. More than half of these HR workers who have reached that level in their education feel that they will likely need to take their education even higher in an effort to keep pace with changes within the industry.

Forward thinking colleges and universities around the globe who now offer classes in leadership skills for those who are already in senior positions, but who know the importance of honing their current skills and incorporating their time experience in the workplace. Such education can provide them with the necessary skills in lieu of pursuing a more advanced degree.