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Category : Human Resources - Page

Category : Human Resources - Page

    HR Professionals Can Help Workers Gain Better Levels Of Health

    Posted by Mary McGinley on October 4, 2019

    Perhaps the role of guardian angel isn’t one that most of us would assign to those who work in the field of human resources. However, according to Terrance Ng, head of Human Resources at PetroChina International, because HR professionals are there to encourage workers to … Read More »

    The Opioid Crisis And HR

    Posted by Mary McGinley on August 9, 2019

    For several years the opioid crisis has been taking its toll across the entire country. Perhaps the people of Kentucky know this reality better than any other state. Kentuckians have seen what opioids can do to families, communities, and companies. According to an article appearing … Read More »

    How Long Is Too Long To Respond To A Job Offer?

    Posted by Mary McGinley on July 19, 2019

    While most employment experts recommend that workers take the time to review a job offer, taking too long can cause the offer to be withdrawn. How long is too long when considering a job offer? According to an article by Samantha Chang appearing on the … Read More »

    Hairstyle Anti-Discrimination Law Passed In California

    Posted by Mary McGinley on July 12, 2019

    Men and women who have wanted to wear their natural hairstyles at school and on the job are now protected from discrimination in California, thanks to a new law that was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Mike Luery of KCRA Channel 3 reports that the … Read More »

    Be Wary Of FMLA Fraud

    Posted by Mary McGinley on July 5, 2019

    The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave was put into place to help workers take care of themselves and their families in the case of catastrophic or serious medical need. Unfortunately, however, there will always be those who are tempted to take unfair advantage … Read More »

    Complaints And Protests At Work Rise After #MeToo Movement

    Posted by Mary McGinley on June 14, 2019

    After the #MeToo Movement began, almost immediately there were repercussions across the employment landscape. A little over a year ago, some hiring managers said that they would think twice before hiring women for open positions for fear of complaints being lodged against themselves or other … Read More »

    HR At The Big Table

    Posted by Mary McGinley on June 7, 2019

    In the past, the HR department was viewed as an internal organization that handled functions such as personnel requisitions, hiring and firing, onboarding and training, and payroll and benefits. Today’ job market has placed HR professionals at the forefront of filling open positions with qualified … Read More »

    Setting Employee Expectations Starts From The First Interview

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 31, 2019

    Human resource professionals are on the frontlines of screening and interviewing potential candidates for their organization. According to a recent article appearing on the HR Technologist website, the hiring process, as well as the onboarding process, can play a crucial role in whether that employee … Read More »

    Take Care When Digitizing Employee Data

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 24, 2019

    As employers and their organizations are hurtling toward digitizing as much as their businesses as possible, extra care should be taken to ensure that the data doesn’t fall into the hands of cybercriminals. Priya Sunit recently reported on the Human Resources Online website that a … Read More »

    Employees Not Asking For Training To Avoid Looking Incompetent

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 10, 2019

    In today’s competitive workforce, it’s important to have the skills that employers and organizations are looking for. This means keeping skillsets current and relevant to meet current and future challenges on the job. According to a recent article appearing on the HR Dive website, approximately … Read More »

    Standard Performance Reviews Actually Hurt Workers Improvement Chances

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 3, 2019

    The dreaded performance review may now have additional reasons for apprehension from workers and managers alike. According to an article appearing on the HR Dive website, Deloitte issued a report indicating standard performance reviews that focus on past performance rather than how workers can achieve … Read More »

    Supervisors Possessing Conflict Management Skills Can Help Mitigate Office Stress

    Posted by Mary McGinley on April 19, 2019

    People can be inspired to do good work just by simply having a good manager or supervisor. One defining characteristic for a good boss is one who has a good moral principle for both work and personal behavior. According to an article by Valerie Bolden-Barrett … Read More »

    Controlling Website Access For Employees

    Posted by Mary McGinley on March 15, 2019

    For some businesses, it is standard practice to block employee access to some websites. Almost every business owner hopes that the employee is contentious enough to spend time at work actually working rather than goofing off online. Saige Driver, Media Strategist at Business.com, recently reported … Read More »

    Is Employee Safety On Your Mind When Bad Weather Strikes?

    Posted by Mary McGinley on February 8, 2019

    The recent polar vortex put millions of people in danger through snow, ice, and record cold with life-threatening windchill factors. Going outside was not only difficult, in locations throughout the Midwest like Chicago, Minneapolis and other states in the Great Plains, but frostbite was occurring … Read More »

    Are You Using Employee Data Responsibly?

    Posted by Mary McGinley on February 1, 2019

    Our personal information is more valuable than at any other time in history. The lines between what employees keep private and what is public are closely scrutinized by employers. How employees’ personal data is used has become an increasing cause for concern. According to a … Read More »

    Progress Made For Paying Government Workers After The Shutdown

    Posted by Mary McGinley on January 18, 2019

    While there seems to be no end in sight for the partial government shutdown, some of the furloughed workers seem to have gotten a bit of good news. According to an article which appeared on the Government Executive website, President Trump signed into law on … Read More »

    Big Changes Coming To Employer-Provided Health Insurance

    Posted by Mary McGinley on January 11, 2019

    Workers and their families could see some big, yet positive changes coming to their employer-provided health insurance in 2019.   A recent article appearing on the SHRM website indicates some big key benefits that may end up being rather positive. Because the increase in healthcare … Read More »

    Do You Have A Wellness Plan At Your Workplace?

    Posted by Mary McGinley on January 4, 2019

    Corporate wellness programs are big business in the U.S. In the interests of keeping workers happy and healthy, according to recent surveys, companies are spending billions every year in offering benefits which include gym memberships, yoga classes, and healthy offerings on the menu in their … Read More »

    How To Lead In Human Resources

    Posted by Mary McGinley on December 20, 2018

    Every HR professional strives to be effective in their job and to their respective organization. But what does it take to be a leader in the world of human resources?  The staff of Human Resources Director Magazine -Australia recently outlined a few ideas on the … Read More »

    Children’s Toy Leads To #MeToo Complaints In Iowa Government

    Posted by Mary McGinley on December 14, 2018

    Not everyone agrees that jokes and horseplay at work is “harmless” – especially if there are sexual innuendos attached to it. In the era of the #MeToo movement and increased scrutiny regarding workplace sexual harassment, such humor, though it might seem harmless, actually can cause … Read More »

    HR Professional Underprepared To Address Opioid Addictions

    Posted by Mary McGinley on December 7, 2018

    Recent government studies have shown that opioid addiction in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. When in pain, people naturally will go to the doctor for a prescription when they are and in pain. If this class of medications is taken for just a … Read More »

    The Cost Of The Flu To Businesses

    Posted by Mary McGinley on November 9, 2018

    Almost no one likes the prospect of getting a shot – even if it’s to keep you from getting sick. Every year, employers face the headache of trying to convince their workers just how important it is to get their yearly flu vaccine. For some, … Read More »

    Are You Ready For Your Interviewees?

    Posted by Mary McGinley on September 21, 2018

    Every job seeker knows that it’s a good idea to be at their best every time they go in for an interview. What HR professionals may not know, however, is that candidates are probably evaluating the person who is conducting the interview and the company … Read More »

    Signs Your HR Department Is In Trouble

    Posted by Mary McGinley on September 6, 2018

    Among today’s workforce, there is a growing cynicism about whose needs Human Resource Departments really serve. According to an article which appeared on the Psychology Today website, many workers don’t follow the advice of career advisors by going to HR because they believe that by … Read More »

    Companies Struggle To Meet GDPR Standards

    Posted by Mary McGinley on August 31, 2018

    As of May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR went into effect. This regulation required all businesses to be able to ensure data protection by design and default for those doing business in or with countries within the European Union. According to … Read More »

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