HR Team Stretched Thin? How Employee Self-Service Can Help

Posted May 13, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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Employee Self-Service Saves Time for Everyone

When your staff is crunched for time, employee self-service programs allow workers to make the adjustments they need now without interrupting workflow. Everyone wins, whether staffers need more information on health insurance or need to change their filing status. With one of these convenient setups, they can access the information they need without wait – and without causing distractions.

Keep Up the Pace in Your Office

Productivity relies on the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Unfortunately, there are practical reasons employees may need to bring operations to a temporary halt. People need information on company policy, on their remaining sick days and they need the ability to change their addresses or direct deposit accounts. It’s up to you whether you let these necessities become problems for everyone else.

Employee self-service allows these essentials to take place without risking the flow of productivity. It also helps maintain a respectful attitude around the workplace. When one person is dealing with issues requiring several HR tasks, it can be easy for others to get irritated. No one likes being pulled away from jobs they’re successfully working on, especially not for tasks requiring little skill, like finding pamphlets. Respect your staff’s time, and discourage animosity between workers by allowing people to look up their own information and input minor changes without help.

Preserve Employee Privacy at Home and at Work

Self-service programs

your workers can access while off the clock are especially helpful in protecting sensitive information, such as changing bank accounts or addresses. Offices can be hot beds for gossip. What was once cause for concern – or at the very least, discussion – can now be handled quietly at home without anyone noticing.

Avoiding these kinds of hiccups is important to keeping projects on track. The ability to stay focused on work, to concentrate and for your staffers to work together as a team fuels progress. In contrast, gossip and backbiting drains confidence and reliance, even from your star players. Office politics are a sure sign of a business with much room for improvement.

Stay Focused on Productivity

The psychology of the workplace is intricate, with the smallest changes capable of making big waves. Encouraging your employees to become more independent in one area often encourages them to take a bigger role in all walks of working life. Self-service payroll setups empower your employees to raise the bar for a typical day’s work.

Suddenly they feel more in control and more important; both traits lend themselves to workers who are more engaged and take a bigger responsibility for the success of the company. The progress you see from one work day will dramatically increase when you have more people being more productive and holding themselves more accountable for the success of team efforts. Ironically, allowing your employees to handle private business privately gives them the confidence needed to be team players.

Your business – and your staff – will reap the rewards of employee self-service plans, above and beyond the basics of convenience and saving time. Infuse your workplace with improved productivity. Small changes like these over time will lead to success.

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