3 Reasons You Need to Implement PEO BrokerChoice to Get Your Year Off to a Good Start

Posted January 28, 2015 by Layne Davlin
PEO brokerchoice

What surprising benefits does PEO BrokerChoice have in store?

Einstein HR provides brokerages with stellar health benefits administration assistance for their clients, tailored individually to their needs and budgets. We’ve had so many of our partners sharing PEO BrokerChoice with their associates that we’ve created an official program to reward our loyal clientele. Now, in addition to providing your customers with specialized services, you also have an opportunity to share in those profits and to gain new customers through our business referral program.

Here are three surprising benefits that come with PEO BrokerChoice:

1. Shared Success

Birds of a feather flock together, or so the saying goes. We’ve found that’s ultimately true in business. Successful partners are drawn to each other, and partners brag about the successful resources they’ve come across—and how they’ve found them. Just as you share the Einstein HR advantage with your clientele, we’ll be sure to pass your name along to others in need of your expertise. We consider your business an investment in our family, and it’s one we repay in thanks and as a way to fuel our future profits. Your success fuels our own. Because of this, our business model is constantly shifting to make it easier for you to provide your clientele with services that make you irreplaceable.

As we help your business branch out, our unique account management also helps retain the integrity of the partnerships you’ve already created. PEO BrokerChoice is a comprehensive program, covering health benefit management from the enrollment stages at hiring to handling any disputes your clients may have later with carrier coverage. Our service removes the stress that comes with managing quality healthcare and supplemental care programs while still providing workers with the security they need. Once enrolled, your clients will wonder how—or why—they ever managed these benefits on their own.

2.  Profiting from Our Record of Excellence

It’s not often that a PEO can brag a 95-percent client retention rate, but Einstein HR goes the extra mile to ensure all of our clients are satisfied. We offer a wide range of services too, which means your partners will be able to use one business to handle many of the responsibilities they might otherwise hire out to several independent agencies or employees. Working with one cuts down on risks and taps into potential benefits. However, even if they’re only interested in health benefit management, we’ll make a lasting impression that will leave you looking like an outstanding resource for human resource solutions.

3.  Helping Your Clients Means Helping Yourself

We’ve stayed in business for as long as we have, building up recognition along the way, because our services are of real value to people. There’s a practical benefit found in passing along our services to your other business partners—the improvement of their financial health. Fewer expenses, improved productivity, lowered risks for regulation violations, increased profits and happier employees will increase the stability and reputations of the clients you rely on for profits. As they develop and grow, you will too, and because of our referral and revenue sharing programs, that growth will be threefold.

Stay updated on our robust spread of services, and get assistance in sharing them with your clientele. You can also ask about our incentive support materials. Call 770-962-1700 to get all the latest and most reliable information on services like PEO BrokerChoice.