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Category : PEO Services - Page

Category : PEO Services - Page

    H-1B Visas Under Threat By Executive Order

    Posted by Mary McGinley on May 19, 2017

    The flagrant abuse of the H-1B Visa program has caused the Trump administration to take a hard look at putting in place more limitations. According to a recent article in Personnel Today, President Trump issued his Buy American and Hire American on April 18th, 2017. … Read More »

    How a PEO can Help Your Business

    Posted by Mary McGinley on March 10, 2017

    Entrepreneurs and business owners want to be able to focus on the products and services they bring to the marketplace. In order to be able to focus on what advantages that they bring to potential clients and customers that the competition might not is important. … Read More »

    HR Consulting Firm in Deep Trouble for Screwing up Overtime

    Posted by Mary McGinley on April 29, 2016

    The Department of Labor has cited a California-based Human Resources consulting firm and ordered them to pay $1 million in back overtime wages and damages to hundreds of employees following an investigation by the federal agency. According to the documents, the Department of Labor’s Wage … Read More »

    Key Findings of Professional Employer Organizations: Small Business Growth

    Posted by Layne Davlin on October 7, 2015

    Benefits of PEO’s At Einstein HR, we are a proud member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO).  In a recent study by Lauri Bassi and Dan McMurrer of McBassi and Company, we can learn how PEO’s are able to fuel small business … Read More »

    3 Reasons You Need to Implement PEO BrokerChoice to Get Your Year Off to a Good Start

    Posted by Layne Davlin on January 28, 2015
    PEO brokerchoice

    What surprising benefits does PEO BrokerChoice have in store? Einstein HR provides brokerages with stellar health benefits administration assistance for their clients, tailored individually to their needs and budgets. We’ve had so many of our partners sharing PEO BrokerChoice with their associates that we’ve created … Read More »

    Advantages of Starting PEO Services in the New Year

    Posted by Layne Davlin on December 15, 2014
    advantages of starting PEO Service

    How do the advantages of starting PEO service contracts compare to the alternatives? The advantages of starting PEO service contracts can be hard to see if you don’t fully understand the alternatives. Outsourcing, obviously, saves time on equipment, training and employee retention, but if you … Read More »

    Breaking Down the Basics of Employee Leasing

    Posted by Layne Davlin on June 11, 2014
    atlanta basics of employee leasing

    How did I go without employee leasing for so long? No, employee leasing is not a new name for slave labor. You aren’t outsourcing work to under-qualified candidates either. When you lease an employee, you work with dedicated professionals who have excellent reputations. You save … Read More »

    Keeping Your Employees in the Loop With Employee Self Services

    Posted by Layne Davlin on June 6, 2014
    atlanta employee self services

    How Employee Self Services Keep Your Team Happy and Informed Employee self-services plans allow workers to check their pay and benefits without having to go through someone in management or human resources. In certain cases, these programs allow employees to make changes to their tax … Read More »

    3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Joining an Atlanta (PEO) Professional Employer Organization

    Posted by Layne Davlin on November 18, 2013
    PEO Services

    The Perks to Professional Employer Organization Membership Joining a professional employer organization opens the door to more experienced human resource teams, more affordable benefit plans and lower liabilities. Attract higher quality workers and save money in the process. Here’s how a PEO can help. Safely … Read More »

    What Does The Employer Mandate Delay Mean For My Business?

    Posted by Layne Davlin on September 10, 2013
    blue thumbtack

    On Tuesday, July 2, 2013, the employer mandate portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was delayed for one year.  This reprieve was given to allow business more time to coordinate a data collection system for reporting.  Even though the employer mandate has been … Read More »

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