3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Joining an Atlanta (PEO) Professional Employer Organization

Posted November 18, 2013 by Layne Davlin
PEO Services

The Perks to Professional Employer Organization Membership

Joining a professional employer organization opens the door to more experienced human resource teams, more affordable benefit plans and lower liabilities. Attract higher quality workers and save money in the process. Here’s how a PEO can help.

Safely Navigate Employer Regulations

There are dozens of laws now governing the practices employers must adhere to. These include the benefits you must provide down to the number of breaks your employees get in a day. Making decisions without understanding these regulations puts your company at risk. A professional employer organization gives you access to experienced teams who do know how to protect your business while instituting important company policies.

Qualify for Bigger and Better Benefit Plans

There’s power in numbers, and PEOs can pool the buying force of their members to qualify for serious benefit plans the little guys couldn’t hope for. Attract the same caliber of staff by offering the same kinds of impressive employer packages. Lower your own costs and the costs for your employees in health and life insurance, 401k investments, dependent care and other perks.

Reduce Workman’s Comp Expense by up to 25 Percent

According to NAPEO, companies enrolled in a PEO saved up to 25 percent off the typical costs of workman’s comp claims. A small company can be wiped out by a serious claim. Finding ways to reduce these risks are important, and can’t be ignored when bundled with a suite of valuable services.

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