The 3 Biggest Benefits of Employee Leasing

Posted May 6, 2014 by Layne Davlin
benefits of employee leasing atlanta

Employee Leasing Isn’t the Risk You Might Think

Employee leasing isn’t as impersonal as it sounds. Referred to in some circles as “outsourcing,” it’s simply the process of moving jobs off-site, sometimes for very good reason. For pre-employment screening, for instance, you can lease an HR pro with the tools and experience to pick the right candidates for an opening, versus friends-of-friends or coworkers’ relatives. Lease employees and you’ll enjoy the following:

1.  Finding the Best Person for Every Position

Specialization is a big factor in the success of your projects. Even when you’re only spending one day on a task, the more knowledge and experience brought to the table will result in higher quality results. You can hire a specialist for all of your positions, but you’ll likely blow through your budget in a matter of months.

This is where employee leasing comes in. You contract with a company to provide the workers you need, when you need them. Once the contract is over, you free up your budget for specialists needed in other areas.

2.  Avoiding the Responsibility of Employees

While the people working for you are a rich resource, they also need a lot: schedules, information, equipment, help in solving problems and the occasional day off. They engage in office politics, backbiting, gossip and often bump heads. Their personal issues, all by themselves, can make employees more of a problem than they’re worth.

Don’t worry about the post-employment issues that pop up after you hire Mr. or Ms. Right. Instead, avoid the scene through leasing. The peace of mind you’ll get is more than worth the expense. Free yourself up from being the “boss,” and allow yourself to focus solely on your projects.

This is especially helpful when it comes to sensitive tasks like vetting candidates for open positions or setting up benefits in your company’s payroll system. As professional as someone might be, files left on company property can always be observed by those who want to badly enough. Private information can be used to fuel fights, which ultimately affect your bottom line.

3.  Tapping Into Top-of-the-Line Resources

Not only do these companies have workers with specialized training and experience, they have the best tools as well. When you lease an employee, you don’t have to worry about carrying the cost of expensive software or equipment on your own dime. Often, if any investment is needed on your part at all, it’s pennies on the dollar for what it would cost to buy these things yourself.

Additionally, these workers know which solutions work best. They invest the time and effort into testing review copies and keep track of the latest developments in their industry. The opinions of leased employees can be an integral part of your company’s plans to upgrade.

Employee leasing has a bad rap for one reason: assumptions. Business owners are afraid they’ll talk to competition or pass along proprietary information. They don’t expect hard work either because there’s no loyalty factor. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the end of the day, leased employees are professionals, and they know they have to respect their clients and how to get more of them.

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