A Benefits Administration Company Can Free Up Your Time to Run Your Business

Posted February 10, 2014 by Layne Davlin
benefits administration in atlanta

Tired of feeling like you’re always juggling? Hiring benefits administration company may be the best first task to outsource.

Unless you’re an expert in benefits administration, it may be in your best interest to outsource this work to a specialized team. The risks involved in handling this accounting the wrong way can bury your business. Not keeping track of these issues can also give your employees incentive to work somewhere else.

Prioritize Employee Relationships

When hired, your star employees were led to believe they’d receive certain extras. If bad accounting prevents you from following through on these offers, you’re going to upset your staff. These are the people driving profits for your company, so make sure you treat them right. How they feel about you not only impacts current productivity, but your employer brand. The phrase has seen a lot of buzz this year for good reason.

Today’s recruiting market is overflowing with poor-quality workers. To attract the cream of the crop, you need to be known for providing your employees with the best. Mixing up their benefits packages will work against building the reliable reputation you need to score top talent.

Reduce Your Risks

Benefits often figure into taxes for both you and your staffers. How to report alternative forms of compensation is a complex topic fit for a pro. This is a critical area where doing things the wrong way could result in thousands of dollars in misplaced resources and penalties.

Benefits administration services have already worked out what obligations companies have and know how they have to be recorded. They know when notifications must be sent, and more importantly, what they should say. Learning this on your own might be a job in itself. It makes sense to invest in a seasoned team familiar with benefits regulations.

Maximize Your Efforts

Smart business owners put people where they’re most needed. If your accountant is too wound up in benefits to process paychecks, or if invoices are left unpaid, you need to divert those tasks to a more efficient person. Hiring another accountant just for benefits likely won’t pay off unless you’re running quite a large company. For most circumstances, these jobs can be quickly handled off-site by a team who trades an affordable fee for stellar, risk-fee record-keeping and reporting.

In the meantime, the accountant you hired to handle all of your financial affairs can go back to processing bills, invoices and keeping an eye on expenses. Those hefty man hours should be spent on tasks no one else can do for less.

Before writing off the possibility of outsourcing your benefits administration, consider the employees you already have and how long it would take them to do the work. Does anyone have sufficient experience and training? Who is up-to-date on the legal requirements? Chances are, you won’t be able to find an employee who provides the expertise you need for a lower price.

Send your questions about outsourced benefits administration to a qualified company.