The Roll of Employee Self Service Options in Post Employment Services

Posted August 25, 2014 by Layne Davlin
marietta employee self service options

How can employee self service options help you handle terminations?

You might only think about employee self service options in reference to new hires, but they are just as useful in helping smooth employee exits as well. Encouraging employees to handle certain HR tasks on their own can ultimately help create a more professional atmosphere and also satisfy hiring and firing obligations quickly and easily.

Using In Office Benefits to Boost Employer Brand

Employee self-service has as much to do with your employees’ experiences as it does with the impact on your business as a whole. Looking at your business from your employees’ perspectives is an excellent way to fine-tune your processes for efficiency, as well as your employees’ quality of life. If you only look at things from their perspective though, you run into a new set of problems.

It pays to look at every choice impacting your workforce as a way of investing in your employer brand. You’re turning a profit because you have good people working for you. If your company’s reputation falls below your competitors’, there is a risk that your competitors will potentially hire higher quality employees. Working hard to keep your valued team happy is always a good business decision.

Employee self service options can take the hassle out of working for someone else, and they can give your company the progressive, relaxed attitude high in demand among the most talented pros in every field. Give your employees the power to check their personal information on demand, to make small changes to their profiles without having to run them through HR, and to keep tabs on benefits such as accrued vacation hours. This is something the best employers are already doing. How can you take this a step farther?

Companies that handle employment terminations with efficiency, class, and confidentiality tend to avoid the ugliness that happens when matters turn personal. You can provide stellar self services by extending tasks employees can manage on their own. How? Add access to post-employment services necessary to make transitions out of the company as quick and painless as possible.

Which Post Employment Services to Provide

One of the biggest benefits to this type of system is establishing a barrier between personal and professional life. When an employer becomes frustrated with a worker’s bad performance, the friction has repercussions throughout the company and inter-personal problems start to develop. When definite lines are established between “coworker” and “friend,” however, professionalism gets kicked up a notch.

Sometimes it can be very challenging to offer support to someone who is leaving your company. Remember, though, to see this as an investment in your employer brand and your business reputation. By offering someone, even a person who has been terminated, extra support, you’re setting yourself apart as an enterprise of high integrity and class.

In addition, some of these tasks continue to offer practical benefits, such as money and time savings, when handled by former employees instead of management or HR. Here are just a handful of services you can continue to offer on a self service basis to an employee who has resigned or been terminated:

  • Termination process guidance – Even people who deserve to be fired struggle through the experience. They may be unsure of what to do or what options they have available, and through that lack of knowledge, go on to cause themselves (or you) unnecessary problems. Provide fired employees with an honest and thorough assessment of their options, rights and responsibilities.
  • COBRA and additional benefit administration – One of the biggest fears today is winding up without insurance. Ensure that your employees have all the information they need to keep their policies active, whether or not they’re still with your company.
  • Termination forms – Often, an employee is asked to sign a statement regarding their firing before accepting their last paycheck. Those who are resigning often have paperwork to complete as well. Providing this as part of a self service hub allows workers who are too uncomfortable to return to work to collect their remaining wages, which benefits you both. You can take care of the necessary paperwork and clear yourself of financial responsibility without having to take time away from your busy schedule.

These and other post-employment self services help you improve your reputation as an employer, attracting cream-of-the-crop applicants in the process. It also helps you to expedite taking care of termination obligations. Want to know how to get started? Email your questions to sales@Einstein